Would you like to get 2x more push open rates?

Good customers are the ones who always request something more, in our opinion. They want the service faster or more interactive and they generally challenge you to somehow develop it. N11 is one of those good customers.

When we first started working together to develop Netmera interactive push feature, they asked us everyday if we were ready, until we were actually ready! As soon as we were ready, however, they integrated the new SDK, waited a little for users to update the app, and sent their first image push!

Their CMO, Bilgen Aldan, states that response rates increased 2x  with this new type of push notifications.

He says: ‘ We believe that innovative commerce models need to be supported with the latest technologies and they should be beyond simple text based messages. This is why we, as N11.com, take a step further with interactive push notifications with images. Our trials show that images increase interest and response to push notifications by 2 times. This proves that we are on the right path.’

N11 does not only benefit from their creative messages. They also use segments, which is another reason why they have higher response levels than the industry average ones.


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