Netmera introduces Web Push: A New Way to Re-Engage Visitors

You have collected the e-mail addresses of your website visitors, made sure you  notified them through e-mail to let them know about your new products and services. You have even delivered interesting content periodically to keep them engaged. However you still may need to re-engage more with your customers.   

So what is next?

You might have started hearing about this new cool, yet simple technology `Web Push`, coming to the rescue of  companies who don`t have mobile apps or having trouble engaging users through their current apps or websites.

Web Push is also going to be a great alternative to engage customers, as Google recently announced a new algorithm that penalizes sites that use mobile pop-up ads. These new changes are planned to be live on January 10th and from that point on, Google will start lowering the rank of sites where content is not easily accessible.

So what exactly is Web Push and what does it do?

Until recently, push notifications were related to mobile apps. The power of push is now available for websites with Web Push Notifications, only better: now visitors who come to your website can opt-in to receive notifications on their mobile and/or desktop devices. They also don`t have to download or install anything, by just clicking ‘Allow’ they are subscribed.

With wider reach across browsers, thanks to Web Push;

  • You don`t need to invest in a mobile app anymore to get the benefit of push notifications. For small and medium sized companies, mobile websites may reach more people than mobile apps do*
  • You can engage visitors not only on mobile, but on all devices , you can access them on desktop, mobile and tablet, too.  (For smart phones and tablet, Web Push is available on Chrome Browsers. Safari on iPhone and iPad does not support Web Push currently.)
  • You don’t need to ask your visitors for their contact information and bore them by filling out forms.  All you need is their permission to send them notifications.
  • You can reach your visitors and send notifications even when they are visiting websites other than yours.
  • If their computer is asleep or turned off, your messages will be delivered when they turn it back on.
  • Unlike e-mails which sometimes go to spam folder or fail to deliver, Web Push notifications are definitely delivered to your customers.

There are many ways you can use Web Push such as; notifying customers about special offers, notifying subscribers about new events/ new arrivals/ when new content has been published, reminding visitors to complete a purchase, reminding visitors of your website etc. You can drive engagement with personalized notifications and recommendations.

We are proud to announce that Netmera introduces Web Push Notifications along with mobile app push notifications. With Netmera you can target both your web and app users and create truly omni-channel campaigns. Netmera web push is seamlessly integrated with our strong segmentation, targeting and personalization features so that you can reach your customers and drive visitors back to your website with targeted and personalized website push notifications. Currently Netmera web push works on Chrome and Safari browsers and additional browser support is on the road map.

You can see how to create a Web Push Campaign with Netmera here, or you can read the technical documentation – – for more info on integration to your web site.

As Netmera we always aim to provide innovative solutions to drive engagement with many options so that you can always find alternative marketing and monetizing solutions. Try a new alternative for your services; try Netmera Web Push now!

*Business Insider


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