UpEat app and Netmera platform: a Use Case

UpEat app

Sometimes following a diet plan is really tough: it requires high commitment and resolution! But what if you had the chance to walk this path with somebody else? Would you find it easier to stick to the goal? Several studies seem to give a positive answer to this question, by showing the result that a shared diet experience has better chances to be successful. UpEat is a social media app for food and diets, which take this new research into account and enables users to build their own diet plan and follow it in a very easy and engaging way.

In UpEat app, users can upload pictures, descriptions and nutrition data for every meal/drink they have and share this information with their followers. The app gives you the chance to save your meals and see them in a daily, weekly and monthly summary pages, but you can also use the ‘Create Diet’ function to build your diet plan to share and follow.

UpEat app is growing its users base day by day. At this stage, not only users’ acquisition is a priority, but also building an effective strategy to increase the app’s customers’ engagement. UpEat chose Netmera as their technology partner in order to achieve this goal.

In UpEat, customers’ engagement means having users who return to the app on a daily basis to follow the diet plan they built or to engage with the diet plans available through the app. To promote ‘UpEaters’ engagement, Netmera offers a lot of possible solutions. Push Notifications can be used, for example, to remind users to log planned meals and to let them know when another user rates or comments on their meal. Another possible Netmera campaign could let users know when a new user, diet or offer is available through the app. Push messages could also be send to remind users that they haven’t logged any meals in their plan for a while or to encourage them to open the app (if they didn’t for a while). UpEat users will be successfully prompted to return to the app, with a subsequent increase of the number of daily users. Appropriate Netmera campaigns can be also built to thank users after they download the app or to invite them to share their updates with their friends, in order to increase users’ acquisition at the same time.

All these campaigns will help UpEat to engage users, increase retention and grow the loyal users’ base.

We will keep you posted on Netmera – UpEat journey.


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