Billion-Dollar Coalition: Turkey’s Largest SAP Hybris Expertise Center

Companies in Turkey and MENA region, now have a strong business partnership for Omni Channel Trade and Marketing Projects: Inomera (parent company of Netmera) and Lineris are boosting their expertise and innovative products with a strategic partnership in order to deliver SAP Hybris Omni Channel Commerce and Marketing Solutions to their customers.

Let’s take a closer look at Lineris and Inomera businesses in detail and how this strategic partnership will combine expertise in customer relationship management, marketing, field sales service processes and mobile commerce applications to create truly end-to-end, omni-channel solutions.

Inomera Research specializes in e-commerce, mobile commerce and mobile engagement while Lineris specializes in CRM and Customer Engagement. In addition, Inomera has experience and products in Java and mobile technologies and Lineris has SAP expertise in CRM, and all Hybris solutions. Unlike other similar SAP partners, they are focused on these verticals which allows them a strong partnership and expertise on the digital transformation of customer channels.

They bring not only software solutions, technical expertise and experience in omni-channel, e-commerce, CRM and mobile engagement projects, but Inomera and Lineris also bring a customer- centric approach to customer success by providing benchmarks based on referrals, recommendations and interactions.

Both companies deliver services in the Middle East region through their Dubai offices as well as Turkey offices.

So What is this Strategic Partnership going to Bring to Businesses?

Since Inomera and Lineris have deep expertise in SAP Hybris, they are building the largest and most powerful SAP Hybris-focused solution center in Turkey and MENA region.

With this SAP Hybris expertise center, Inomera and Lineris will deliver services to customers in sales, consulting, customization, development, maintenance and support of SAP Hybris omni channel commerce, marketing automation, CRM and marketing solutions. This way, businesses will be able to be served end-to end and from one channel  for their digital transformation needs of the aforementioned services.

Inomera will contribute to companies’ e-commerce and mobile commerce projects with years of experience in e-commerce and knowledge of Java technologies. On the other hand, Lineris will deliver experience and expertise to organizations through SAP CRM and marketing, with over 50 projects.

Additionally, both companies – particularly Netmera Mobile Engagement Platform- will offer supplementary products and solutions, to enable businesses to get the most out of mobile conversion.

This strategic partnership not only targets Turkey and Middle East, but also global markets. With Inomera’s experience in mobile prioritised commerce solutions and Lineris Solutions’ vertical expertise in SAP CRM, SAP Hybris Marketing, SAP Hybris Billing and SAP Hybris Sales and Service areas, it is aimed to deliver a truly “end-to-end solution” to customers in a single strategic business alliance.

About Inomera Research

Inomera Research was founded in 2008 in order to provide services to Telco, E-Commerce and Retail industries. In the early days of its foundation, our team worked on Telecom Service Delivery Platform (SDP) projects and Inomera SDP is still in use by some telcos such as Avea. With the invention of Smart phones, Inomera specialized on delivering smart phone specific projects and started specializing on mobile app engagement. This development led to the launch of the Netmera platform, which is used by many companies which put mobile as their priority. as their main targeting and push notification platform. Inomera has been working to improve the digital channels and processes that touch consumers of Inomera customers, and transform them into digital tools and solutions since then.

With more than 100 Telecom, Mobile, E-Commerce, M-Commerce and Omni-Channel projects, Inomera provides services to many corporate companies such as Vodafone,Turkcell, Samsung, Starbucks, Lacoste, Bloomberg, Yell, Türk Telekom, Migros, LC Waikiki, N11 and Morhipo. Inomera also works on Omni-channel projects for retailers and E & M commerce projects since 2009 for largest retailers.

Located at the R&D center at Bogazici University Technology Park, Inomera develops its own products and solutions with more than 30 engineers.

Aa a result of R&D works carried out with the mobile transformation of the consumer, Inomera developed “Netmera Mobile Engagement Platform”. In addition to Turkey, Netmera Platform offers services to a total of 50 million mobile applications with 150 million users in Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Inomera collaborated with SAP in 2016 in order to bring its knowledge gained in e-commerce to a wider customer base and became the sales, consulting, development and support partner for SAP Hybris product.

In addition to Istanbul office, Inomera continues to support its customers’ mobile and omni channel projects at London and Dubai offices in an expanding geography.

About Lineris Solutions

Lineris Solutions is a leading technology and consulting company in the field of providing domestic and international services through offices in Istanbul and Dubai. Lineris enables companies to better identify potential customers and effectively manage all sales, service and marketing related business processes.

Since 2011, Lineris Solutions has been providing integrated solutions to its customers and is passionate about SAP CEC (Customer Engagement and Commerce) solutions that bring customers together with its experienced staff.

Adopting CRM as a management philosophy, Lineris Solutions integrates multi-faceted CRM solutions for campaign management, customer behavior modeling, sales performance analysis, call center integration into all marketing, billing, sales and service management processes.

Lineris Solutions believes in the effective use of information and the power of value creation and carries out TUBITAK supported software projects in line with the investments it has made with this awareness of responsibility.

As the first SAP CRM solution focused company in Turkey, Lineris has the highest number of completed SAP CRM and SAP Hybris reference projects (50+). With its team of internationally experienced expert consultants, Lineris is the largest Hybris organization in Turkey and the MENA region.