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I still remember the times when the company bought a system, let’s say a CRM system or a stock management system. We used to spend at least half a day in the training (usually a full day), and we still needed to learn more on the way. Well, everybody thought that for such systems, WHAT the system did was more important than HOW it did it.

Looking back to those times, I feel like the advancements in UI and UX design have the greatest part in shaping today’s world. Now, you can intuitively get used to your new phone, build campaigns in an e-mailing system or start using Netmera.


Whoever saw our user interface, gave us the feedback that it is easy to use. But as we added new features, it became a must to redesign it. Within the last month, we made gradual changes to make it fit better to your needs.

Our first change is in our approach to push & rich push notifications and in-app pop-ups. From the app owners’ point of view, they are all mobile campaigns, either to increase users engagement or to boost mobile sales… So we combined all these under a single topic: CAMPAIGNS!

We also wanted to make it easier for you to send push & rich push notifications. Changes were made on the steps you follow. First you setup the campaign: you give it a name, select the platforms and arrange the alerts. Then you set your target recipients, create the message, schedule it and review it once more before you send it. Our review step is a lot easier when compared to the older version.


The most important change was in our segmentation approach. Now you can combine tags with user behaviours! That means that now you will be able to target, for example: women who use iPhone devices, who opened the app 3 times last week, spent 2 min on average in the app and are currently in London! That is just an example, but the possibilities are limitless!

We’ve been hearing that you want to store just some of your messages in the push inbox, not all of them. You can now setup this option when you are preparing your campaign. It is also possible to send an URL in a rich push notification. You will be able to boost your web visits with this option!

Another new feature is for your instant campaigns. Sometimes, when you don’t deliver the message at the right moment,  the context is lost. If the user receives your notification after his 6 hours flight, during which he had no internet connection, it might be too late. This is why we introduced a retry duration. By setting the retry duration, you will be saying: “Don’t send this message again if the user doesn’t get it within x hours”

Hope those UI changes and features fit to your needs. Please give us any feedback and we will work to improve our platform for you!

P.S. Wait for our new year gift packs!

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