Text Push vs. Rich Push

Notification content for mobile marketing naturally has a big impact on customer interaction. A push notification should not contain only text in these days, it contain also media consisting of images, gifs and videos or buttons that allow interaction with the customer. The purpose is to enable the user to take action by interacting with the application and to generate much revenue.

When the mobile marketing strategies of two different e-commerce applications operating in Turkey and conversions they achieve this strategy results (when open the app and profitability) examined, it was seen that the notification content has a big impact on the success of mobile applications.



Considering the contents of the notification sent by both applications within 1 year, application A mostly uses text push notifications to communicate with its users, while application B uses rich push notifications containing rich content such as images, gifs and videos.

rich push

Looking at the A application, which mostly communicates with its customers via text push notifications, the number of direct open applications obtained from 1.5 billion submissions is approximately 21 million. It is seen that approximately 17 million of these are obtained from text pushes and 4 million from rich pushes, that is, push notifications with visual content.

rich push

Looking at the application B, which mostly uses rich push notifications, it is seen that this number is higher. Direct open apps obtained from 1.5 billion sends is almost 3 times more the A application, which is around 61 million. As can see, it is possible to open your application 3 times more with a few changes in notification contents!

text push

In these applications whose main purpose is to make purchases to customers, the keyword is “profit”.If obtained higher income, the apps are accepted more successfully.


At this point, it is seen that the income from application B is more than 3 times the application A. The secret of this success is hidden in directing the customer to the product effectively thanks to notifications.

Remember/ Do not forget customers receive similar notifications from dozens of applications every day; at this point, the first step to stand out from competitors should be enriching the notification contents. You can increase both the traffic in your application and the revenue also earn by using rich push notifications with Netmera. Thus, can take your mobile application to a much better place in this market where the competition is very high.