Targeting to the Deep

Our team likes to work closely with customers. From on board stage to campaign creation, we love to be in touch. Having meet ups or workshops is beneficial for both parties. The workshop we had with one of our clients last month is a great example of that.

First, let me tell you about the app. The app is conceived for their premium users and works on iOS and Android platforms. It gives information and assistance to premium users. The privileges are quite nice: special vacation offers, like transportation from home to ski resorts in luxury cars; free cinema tickets; special parking lots in trending spots of the city or discounts in good hotels and restaurants.

Serving those premium customers requires great knowledge about their preferences. You should also give the best offers to make them satisfied and keep them coming back to the app. This were our thoughts when we were brainstorming about campaign scenarios.

There was an upcoming offer on iPhone 5S, which was really mind-blowing with its great discount. The idea was to use this offer to draw the attention of users who don’t show up too often and don’t own an iPhone 5S. With Netmera this was not just possible, but also very easy. Netmera enables you to tag each device and then, if you want to target based on device info, you simply select a specific device’s tag. But what if the devices are too many? What if, like in this case, we wanted to target all devices except iPhone 5S? Selecting all devices tags is definitely not the best practice.

So we started working on our segmentation tool. This was the result: combine tags, user behaviours and location to create a segment. Make it possible to exclude tags (simply saying “tag is not x”) and make it possible to say “target user if they belong to any or all of those categories”. So now, as an example, they can target all men or people interested in football who are currently in London, and give them free tickets for the on-coming match!

This new approach is for all those who love to target to the deep!

Loves from Netmera Team!


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