With Netmera you can keep up with all your customers’ interactions and collect every behaviour or event happening in any system.

You can segment and target your users in real-time and reach them with the most relevant offer or message. Since targeting is based on a previous knowledge of your audience, it’s the tool that makes personalization possible.

Customer Profiles

Netmera allows you to create profiles of your users by combining data from your apps, web sites, CRM systems or any other first party or third party data. You can filter and target millions of users based on any customer profile attribute (Gender, Name, Occupation, City, Language etc.) by a click of a button, in seconds. SDKs and open API’s make it easy to create and maintain a complete user profile. With the right customer profiling strategy, you can make the best of your mobile marketing campaigns by communicating with them through tailor-made messages.

Omni Channel Customer Behaviour

In the age of omni channel, your customers use multiple touch points and devices while interacting with your brand, products and campaigns. Netmera provides multi-channel integrations enabling you to engage your customers regardless of which channel they use.

– CRM: You can integrate your CRM systems to use your existing customer profiles and segments (e.g. VIP) with Netmera.
– Order Systems: You can send shipment status push notifications by integrating Netmera with your order systems.
– E-commerce Systems: In order to utilize omni-channel scenarios, you can integrate Netmera to your e-commerce systems. You can create customer segments and trigger automated push notifications such as an abandoned cart notification regardless of the channel your customer used.
– Call Centers: After your Call Center integration with Netmera, You can send a questionnaire like “Are you satisfied with our service?” after a customer completes a call.
– POS and Payment Systems: Netmera enables you to send notifications (e.g. Congratulations! You have earned 10 points) right after a user completes a purchase in your physical store