With Netmera, it’s easy to keep track of your customer engagement as well as the behaviors that occur on your website or mobile application retrospectively. Through segmenting and targeting your users in real-time, you can reach them with the most well-fitting message.

You can divide your existing and/or potential customer groups into smaller segments that are similar to each other, according to their demographic information, consumption habits, and behavior on your mobile application and website.

Customer Profiles

Netmera allows you to create profiles of your users by combining data from your apps, websites, CRM systems, or any other first-party or third party data. You can filter and target millions of users based on any customer profile attribute (Gender, Name, Occupation, City, Language, etc.) by a click of a button, in seconds. SDKs and open API’s make it easy to create and maintain a complete user profile.

By creating user groups according to customer profiles, you can send targeted messages to specific audiences, so that you can make the most of your mobile marketing campaigns.

behavIor analysIs

Customers give you hints on how to communicate with them through the actions they take on your application or website. All you need to do is put these pieces of the puzzle together to create the right campaign for the right people. Thankfully, Netmera collects all this information for you, works in seconds, and then provides you with the right target audience criteria. You can reach customers exactly when you want and help them capitalize on your offers by creating automated campaigns that are triggered in line with the interactions of your customers. In fact, it’s now easier than ever to make predictions for the future with Netmera. Netmera finds customers who are likely to leave the application within the next 7 days, those who are likely to purchase any product, or those who are closest to realizing a sales action you have determined and make sure they receive the most topical information using AI based predictive segments. AI-based Predictive Segments, which are created by tracking the actions that have taken place in the past, allow you to make informed decisions regarding your audiences, from determining which customers are closest to turning off push-notification permissions, to those performing a conversion action.

The possibilities of segmentation are not limited to just this, with the campaign you have created with Netmera, it is possible to find the right audience for a product or service you want to promote. The most accurate audience targeting with the help of various artificial intelligence algorithms is found with Netmera by examining similar user behaviors and allows you to make private submissions to these audiences.

Omni Channel Customer Behaviour

In the age of omni channel, your customers use multiple touch points and devices while interacting with your brand, products and campaigns. Netmera provides multi-channel integrations enabling you to engage your customers regardless of which channel they use.

– CRM: You can integrate your CRM systems to use your existing customer profiles and segments (e.g. VIP) with Netmera.
– Order Systems: You can send shipment status push notifications by integrating Netmera with your order systems.
– E-commerce Systems: In order to utilize omni-channel scenarios, you can integrate Netmera to your e-commerce systems. You can create customer segments and trigger automated push notifications such as an abandoned cart notification regardless of the channel your customer used.
– Call Centers: After your Call Center integration with Netmera, You can send a questionnaire like “Are you satisfied with our service?” after a customer completes a call.
– POS and Payment Systems: Netmera enables you to send notifications (e.g. Congratulations! You have earned 10 points) right after a user completes a purchase in your physical store