Location Based Campaigns: Step-in app use case


Step-in is a drive-to-store mobile application which helps retailers boost their foot traffic. Step-in was born from the idea of turning shopping into a completely new experience. Users choose a store, win steps as they enter, then choose their gift by converting their steps. To win more steps, you just have to go to your favourite stores’ catalogue within Step-in App.

Step-in uses Netmera to create user segments based on: demographic information, number of store visits, number of steps spent by each user and time spent in the catalogues. Based on these data, Step-in engages users via targeted Netmera push notifications. In terms of mobile engagement, the biggest challenge for Step-in was to be able to do geofenced campaigns, because their app works with brick and mortar stores and they need to be able to send the right message when customers are around a precise location. That’s when they are able to reach the highest users’ engagement with their app.

Alice Bouis, Marketing Director at Step-in, says: ” We are very satisfied with Netmera’s mobile engagement solution. The platform is easy to use, the team is extremely efficient and the results in terms of performance are visible from the first campaign! As a young start-up, we were so happy to find a reliable partner who understands our needs and constraints and knows how to adapt its offer to fit our challenges!”


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