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Paths to Success in Email Marketing

Email is still an indispensable channel of communication today!

Although mobile communication apps are growing in popularity every day, email remains a crucial part of marketing this day. Marketing over email is still one of the most popular, budget-friendly and effective methods of digital marketing, and has lasting power that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. According to Google data, 91% of people who use email check their inbox at least once a day. Contrary to the rise of mobile communication apps, email remains at the forefront of mobile conversion and communication traffic.

In Econsultancy’s 2019 Email Marketing Industry Census, marketers rated email as the number one digital channel for return on investment, with 73% of respondents rating email as “excellent” or “good”. *1

Number of email users worldwide 2017-2024

Despite the growth and prominence of mobile messengers and chat apps, e-mail is an integral part of daily online life. In 2019, the number of global e-mail users amounted to 3.9 billion and is set to grow to 4.48 billion users in 2024. In 2018, approximately 281 billion e-mails were sent and received every day worldwide. This figure is projected to increase to over 347 billion daily e-mails in 2023. Recent industry data shows that the trend towards mobile also holds true for e-mail: in December 2018, 43 percent of e-mail opens were via mobile. Desktop email clients’ open share had declined to 18 percent, and webmail accounted for 39 percent of opens. Based on the dominance of mobile, it is no surprise that the iPhone e-mail app was the most popular e-mail client, accounting for 29 percent of e-mail opens.*2


The keys to success in Email marketing:

Your Design should reflect your brand identity!

Design choices plays a huge role in the success of an e-mail. Even the use of color has been proven to increase brand recognition by 80%. When your emails are designed in a way to represent and reflect your brand’s values and characteristics more clearly, Your customers will be able to relate to your brand’s mission more easily. Your emails will draw more customers to your business, and provide existing customers with topical and relevant offers.

Make your content, and make a difference!

When designing email content, the focus is often on best experience a reader can have, but even before that, a critical area of importance is the email subject line and preview text. The vast majority of emails are first seen on mobile devices, therefore it’s vital to insure that your subject line isn’t too long to throw off your readers. An essential is to always include an unsubscribe link in e-mails, per anti-spam regulations. It would be best to place this link at the top of the page, so that your subscribers are able to notice immediately without hassle.

Netmera content creator allows you to create the perfect content for all communication channels from just one panel. It helps you create professional content for your e-mails, push notifications and SMS without any IT or agency assistance.

Send precise targeted messages instead of pestering potential customers with bulk posting!

Sometimes it’s not enough for your emails to reflect the spirit of your brand. It should also be meaningful to the reader. If your customers think the messages you send are not relevant to them, they may terminate their subscription. This closes the door to you, and your customer. The best solution to ensure that everyone receives content relevant to them would be to segment your user lists into various categories. You can also create multiple variations of the same email by tailoring each segment of your messages to the customer. The most vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating segments of customers is information.

You can potentially receive information such as geographic location, gender, and birthday from your subscribers, and send them personalized offers and promotions. For example, the preferences and interests of each age group are vastly different, therefore they can’t be expected to react positively to every broadly based marketing campaign. By building an audience of subscribers who are in the same age group, you can tailor your content to best suit their interests and needs.

Netmera instantly monitors and collects the movements of your customers on their devices for you. It processes this data within seconds and allows you to take appropriate steps to connect with each customer in a personalized way, allowing you to achieve your sales targets separately from other channels. New opportunities are on the horizon, thanks to a rich set of criteria, intelligent machine learning, and professional data analysis and prediction.

Make yours subscribers feel unique and special with personalized messages!

By learning the names of your customers during the registration process, you can use this information while addressing them and you can send personalized e-mails. So even if you’re sending these emails to groups rather than individuals, every recipient will feel that the content is geared towards them. In addition to addressing your subscribers by name, you can analyze their behavior and present content and increase their loyalty to you. The E-mail Market Study found that personalized emails generate six times higher transaction rates and revenue per email than non-personalized email.*4

Make sure you use the most suitable CTA!

CTA, which stands for Call to Action, is a short and simple verbal prepared to prompt users to take action. They are used as buttons in visuals or as text in content. CTAs usually direct to a link or form. Buy Now, Review Now etc. Words like call to action are an example. The CTA method is generally the main reason for the creation of contents. Because it is a very effective tool in marketing strategies and almost a button is placed in most content that acts as a CTA. Thus, it is sufficient for the users affected by the content to click the button to benefit from the service. The aim is for these visitors to take action and conversion.

The CTA is arguably the most important part of an email. While there are subject lines that persuade the reader to open the email, the true measure of the value of the email is whether it persuades the reader to click on links and contact the brand.

To make your CTA more engaging, you should take care to create it using powerful words, interactive graphics, and other popular techniques. The better the CTA, the higher the chance that the email will yield.

Guide your customers’ shopping experience!

As your customers receive e-mails that are in their interest, it’s going to increase their click rate approximately. You might send them e-mails that are similar to products that they’ve bought in the past which might raise their interest that might lead them to buy new products. As an example, If your subscriber has bought a laptop from you in the past, you might send them an e-mail that includes a laptop case suggestion to lead them complete their purchase fully.

You can also encourage your customers to shop with the campaign emails you have sent.  Notifying them early about future discounts will enable them to take action faster.  This kind of content will delight them and will make a great contribution to your brand image.


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