Brand New Netmera Features & Improvements

You no longer have an excuse to make the most out of Netmera’s features and boost your mobile engagement. We have made some improvements and added new features to the existing awesome ones, based on the feedback and requests we receive from you periodically. Here are the new Netmera features:

Google Tag Manager Integration

Netmera is now integrated with Google Tag Manager (GTP). You can use web’s most popular enterprise-grade tag management solution to manage your own tags for conversion tracking, analytics, remarketing, and track user behavior across your app. Not only it’s simple to use, but also more efficient since various activities from your app collected by GTM will be directly transformed to Netmera system. So, you will not be bothered with detailed SDK integration development tasks.

What’s more is that you can save time since you will update your tags with ease through GTM web interface. You won’t have to wait for tedious cycles to update your app and release its newest version. With GTM, you can also configure new events or profile attributes on the fly without even changing app code. Then, you can collect that updated data to be used for segmentation and targeting on Netmera.

Interactive Web Push Notifications


Mobile Notification                                                                  Desktop Notification

Netmera is already assisting big players from media to international retailers such as Decathlon to exploit the potential of web push notifications. Our new feature, interactive web push notifications, will help you to fully exploit advantages of scale.

Web push notifications include but extend beyond mobile phones and tablets. It also covers desktops which allow you to capture your customers’ attention on each and every platform. Moreover, now that web notifications are interactive, you will be able to lead your users directly to a designated page with just one click. By reducing or eliminating friction, you will increase customer engagement and retention rates.

The data on mobile apps shows that interactive push notifications generate higher conversion rates as compared to regular push notifications.  So it’s high time for you to leverage from interactive push notifications for your website and deliver better results for your business.

More Complex Targeting and Segmentation Options

Today, marketers are living in a big, big data world and surrounded by the highly competitive environment. In order to stand out, they have to champion the use of customer analytics. By segmenting and targeting customers more accurately and efficiently, they can deliver the right message and customized offers to the right user group. With its newly extended behavioral targeting capabilities, Netmera enables you to combine past behaviors with user profiles by using comprehensive rules and queries. Such flexibility of Netmera targeting will allow you to get the most value out of your customer data.

GDPR Compliance and Privacy & Security Improvements

While putting a tremendous effort into reaching out to users and increasing user engagement, you would not want to violate the regulations. Always taking user privacy and security issues seriously, Netmera is already fully compliant with GDPR (and KVKK for Turkish clients).

We think of the GDPR as an opportunity to further improve our systems, so we have added new functionalities in order to monitor the security of users’ personal data. In addition, all dashboard activities are logged for quick analysis of who has an access to personal data and when. We will continue to invest in privacy and security matters in order to fulfill enterprise-level requirements for GDPR compliance.

Performance Improvements

Adding to all new features mentioned above, we are bringing in other improvements with this latest update.

  1. More Excel exports were added and existing ones for external reporting purposes were enhanced
  2. More functionality for easier management of web push notifications was introduced
  3. Lots of performance improvement has been done

As Netmera we always aim to provide innovative solutions to drive engagement with many options, you can always find alternative marketing and monetizing solutions in addition to constantly improved features. Now it is your turn to create various personalized scenarios to boost customer engagement.

Contact your account manager or our success team now to start using all these new features immediately and taking advantage of them!