With Netmera, you can use geo location targeting without the need for additional devices, such as beacons, or Wi-fi networks.

Geolocation & Geofences

Target your customers at the most important point in the consideration cycle in real-time, and analyse the results to move your campaigns from annoying to necessary; from intrusive to addictive.
Build a geofence around your physical store or a specific area with Netmera and send the right messages, at the right time, at the right location automatically to your customers. Boost your customer engagement with relevant communication that will catch your customers’ attention.

Indoor Location & Beacons

With Netmera’s beacon and iBeacon services, know who enters your store, and when. “Welcome” your customers as they enter the store, entice them with related promotions while they walk through your aisles, and tell them about payment options as they approach the cashier. Know specific purchasing habits, favourite products, and customer payment choices. Target promotions to match clients preferences, and keep them coming back to you rather than your competition.
Make your customers feel like a VIP with their own virtual shopping assistant and empower your brand loyalty.

Sample Use Cases

Location Targeting

Invite nearby customers to your store and greet them when they leave by providing a discount or a special treat to encourage them to come back or track your customers and drivers for your car booking service. Netmera makes it easy to build a geo-fence around your location and set up automatic messages for users within the geo-fence.

In Store Campaigns
Your customers are in your store for a reason, don’t miss to provide exactly what they need from you. Welcome them and notify them about special promotions, discounts or new products available within the store where the beacons are placed.

In Store Analytics
Analyse in-store customer habits and In-Store Campaign results to make improvements that maintain and grow brand loyalty.

Improve Personalization
Track users behaviours and collect relevant data about users preferences and actions. This data is a powerful source of information in order you to re-target customers with even more personalised campaigns.

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