Netmera introduces new features

Last week was another significant milestone for Netmera. Based on the great feedback and requests from our customers, we introduced two new features. We believe these features will make a huge impact on your customers’ experience.

The first feature is hard not to notice, as it takes place on the top menu of the login screen.

Upload Users

This feature is especially good if you want to make use of ‘segments’ in your own backend systems. We have introduced a new and easier process to upload your end users details. All you need to do is preparing a .csv file of your users tokens and tags, and upload it to Netmera. After the upload is finished, the platform will send you a notification email. You will no longer have to add users in the ‘Push Recipients’ section of the platform.

Delivery Speed

The second feature we are introducing aims to enhance your app’s performance.

Currently, as you start a campaign, you can send messages immediately to your target group, however as this target group grows, it can start to create a heavy load on your systems. The better the results are, the heavier the load becomes. To prevent this from happening, we  introduced the  “Send Speed” feature in the scheduling section of the platform. You now have a choice: you can still decide to send all notifications right away or, alternatively, you can divide your target recipients into batches and send notifications to them over a specific time period.

We introduced this las week, and we were very pleased to get a “Thank you” note from one of our biggest customers, as they had excellent results by using this feature.

Next Release!

As many of you know, iOS8 is on its way and will bring more interactive push notification features. As this is a major release, you will need to upgrade your SDK.  We will provide you with further details closer to the release date but please don’t forget to add this into your development roadmap.

While enjoying these features and planning for the next release, don’t forget to catch the joys of summer and reach your users who are currently on vacation with Netmera. Remember, they carry their mobile devices everywhere!


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