Netmera First Half of 2017- The Significant Growth in Mobile Engagement

Time really goes fast! The first half of 2017 has gone in the blink of an eye as Netmera’s growth continue to accelerate. Along the way, we have launched new features and a new premium product in addition to including more Enterprise customers to the Netmera family. Let’s have a look at the milestones of the first seven months of 2017 and a glimpse of what the rest of the year will bring.


Netmera continued to grow as we added 16 new enterprise customers since the beginning of 2017! From newspapers to international retailers, from growing startups to financial institutions many companies trusted Netmera for their mobile engagement and campaigning initiatives.

One of our notable new customers Starbucks which is known to be a leader in using mobile as glue in their omni-channel customer loyalty programs, has chosen Netmera as their push notification and engagement partner for their world famous mobile loyalty and ordering app in our region.


Our growth is continued in other metrics, too. Netmera now reaches more than 120 million mobile users! Every day we collect more than a billion customer activity data from these users and process them in real time and deliver more than 1 billion push notifications every month!

We are aware that all of this growth is only possible with the tight collaboration between Netmera and our customers who are always willing to try to better serve their customers.

New Solutions & Features

Netmera’s ability to satisfy and cooperate with large enterprises has been elevated to a next level with the introduction of Netmera Elevate Enterprise Solution. Netmera Elevate not only offers rich feature set and enterprise level security and performance but also comes with a VIP club and dedicated success managers. We provide exclusive industry specific know-how that enables enterprises to gain more efficient, more targeted and more convenient insights, recommendations, reports and analysis; tailor made for their business needs. We share our data backed insights, recommendations, industry benchmarks and consulting to our Elevate VIP club members.

We also launched many new features in the first half, too. We introduced Web Push Notifications and we extended behaviour based targeting capabilities including web site behavior; which makes it possible to target your users by tracking cross-channel activities and behaviour.

In addition to web push notifications, Netmera now offers the widest range of communication and interaction options for mobile users also with the addition of banner style non-intrusive mobile pop-ups and transactional SMS (text) capabilities.

No product feature is important unless it perfectly meets your customers’ needs. Both Elevate and web push notification & targeting features are welcomed and trusted by the largest brands. Vodafone, Turkcell and Turk Telekom in the Telco industry and e-commerce leaders such as N11 and Morhipo were among the first to move to Elevate; while the largest international retailers such as Lacoste and Decathlon trusted Netmera for their mobile web engagement initiatives.


As our international customers grow we start to reach out new territories in our region. In 2017 we opened an office in Dubai to serve our customers in Middle East better. We continue to hire new account managers and business development reps in our London, Istanbul and Dubai offices to provide the best service our customers deserve.

Moreover, our team has grown more and we hired more success and support engineers to increase our customers’ satisfaction and ROI from our platform.


It is also good to know that our efforts are well recepted by the market. We have been shortlisted by a Korean startup challenge and selected as the “most innovative mobile app engagement platform” by World Wide Business Review.

Last but not least,  Netmera has been chosen as the International – Mobile App Engagement Platform by ACQ5 Global Awards 2017 . In accordance with the purpose of providing a global service, we are proud to be involved at these international organisations that supports Netmera’s passion.

However the most important metric for us is the trust and satisfaction of our clients. We constantly keep investing in our infrastructure, services and team to make our customers happy. Increasing NPS scores especially from large clients prove that we are on the right track!

What is Next?

While we are very proud of our accomplishments for the first half of 2017, remaining months, particularly the final quarter will be the busiest period of the year. We will continue to invest in our product with the same motivation, and work on new markets and sectors to help our customers to get most out of their mobile channel.

As mobile continues to dominate customer interactions, transactions and revenues of our clients, Netmera will continue to be their innovative and trusted partner for months and years to come.


Kaan Bingöl- Co Founder and CEO of Netmera