In mobile, seconds count. With Netmera mobile marketing automation you can understand user behaviour and act on it in real time, no opportunities missed.

Real Time Automation

Netmera automation offers a real-time rule based automation engine. With automation you can send the right message to the right audience exactly when they just need or expect it!

• You can trigger messages in response to any behaviour, activity or even in-activity.

• You can automate periodic messages such as reminders or daily product or content recommendations.

• You can combine various segments, targeting options or geolocations with automation so that you can further refine your audience.

Customer Lifecycle Events & Triggers

Any event or user behaviour occurred along the customer journey can be used to trigger automated messages.
Netmera processes every event or behaviour coming from various channels (app, web, mobile web or any backend system) in real time. These events can be tied to sophisticated automation campaigns.
Netmera can automatically activate and trigger messages in a result of a user’s action or inaction according to any scenario.

Preset Automation Scenarios

Customer lifecycle have various stages. Netmera automation offers readily available scenarios specialized for your industry and for various customer journeys that you can easily customise and launch it within seconds.
Your retention, engagement, reactivation or conversion goals can be fulfilled with available scenarios by responding to specific user behaviours or inactivity.

Sample Use Cases

Marketing Automation can be used in many scenarios that will increase retention and engagement.

• Send your users a welcome message and a coupon right after they install your app.

• Trigger your audience with ‘we miss you’ messages if they don’t open your app for a while.

• Send your customers a free delivery option when they abandoned their cart.

• Ask them to give you a rating 2 days after they make their purchase.

• Show them the perfect matching item after they add a product to their basket.

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