Engagement starts with timely, relevant and personalised communications! Netmera not only covers a wide range of messaging options from rich media notifications to in-app pop-ups but also offers various features to optimize your app communication strategy and campaigns.

Push Notifications

Since mobile phones have gone from a luxury item to an everyday essential, 80% of phone use is now spent on mobile apps. Now that smart phones are overtaking TV as the main media customers interact with, push notifications became an integral part of mobile campaigns and engagement.

Push notifications enable you to communicate with your users about important news, information , or an update about your service and products, real-time. You can improve engagement with personalized content or re-engage with your customers who haven’t visited your app for a while.

Rich Media Push Notifications

Sometimes a simple text message is just not enough. With Netmera you can easily add more power (and spice!) to your marketing campaigns by adding rich media (audio, video and image) to your Push Notifications. You can add these to your campaign with ease, using your own HTML code or our push templates. How? Here is the answer.

Interactive Push Notifications

With Netmera, your push notifications have now a new dimension: you can also get responses from your users! With interactive notifications, users can respond to you effortlessly, by just touching the buttons you sent within the notification. You can provide them with a call to action and ask them to opt-in, purchase or read something and get your response right away, there is no need to open the APP.

For Android platform, you can also add custom images to your messages, and make them more fun! Learn more about interactive notifications from here.


When it comes to push notifications, there is no limit to what and when you can send your messages. Each scenario can lead to revenue generation, customer engagement or re-engagement.
• Notify your users about a limited sale, promotion, discount or new products.
• Send location-based announcements to customers who have viewed a local store landing page or the local store itself.
• Send a notification to customers when an item in their wish list goes on sale or about to be sold out.
• Remind customers when they have an item sitting in their shopping cart (abandoned cart).
• Warn customers that a product they buy periodically needs to be reordered.
• Entice shoppers to share their favorite products on their social networks.
• Notify customers about their loyalty points status.

Web Push Notifications

Do you think Push notifications are only for mobile apps? Well, you are wrong!

The power of push is now available for websites with Web Push Notifications, only better: now visitors who come to your website can opt-in to receive notifications on their mobile and/or desktop devices. They don`t even have to download or install anything, by just clicking ‘Allow’ they are subscribed.

Add Web Push Notifications to your marketing mix with Netmera to drive engagement in every channel.

In-app Pop-Ups

You can engage with your customers with targeted content that are responsive to their needs within the app with Netmera In App Popups. They are triggered by specific actions that customers take within the app, like clicking on a product or opening the app. A great thing about in app popups is that you can deliver your content even if your customers have disabled push notifications! In addition to what you can do with Push Notifications, you can:

• Send customers more targeted content and enhance the user experience

• Show a series of tutorials to your first time customers

• Remind users to opt-in for push notifications for your app

SMS integration

If you need to reach out your users using more traditional means such as SMS, Netmera helps you with integrating your existing SMS providers. Netmera supports SMS fall back scenarios such as first attempting push notifications and in case of non delivery tries SMS channel thus reducing your SMS costs.

Message Personalisation & Optimization

Delivering messages in a fast & scalable way is only a small part of Netmera’s offering. In order to maximise benefit of push messages Netmera offers lots of cool features.

– Message personalisation: Analysis proves that personalised messages have much higher open and conversion rates. In Netmera all messages can be personalised combining with user data.

– Optimising delivery time: You can schedule your messages for delivering in the right time or you can let Netmera learns best push delivery times for every individual user and deliver accordingly. You can even set delivery times in your user time zone.

– Landing pages & deep links: In order to maximise conversions and campaign returns user should land to exactly right product or screen when they open a notification. Netmera offers templates to easily create landing pages in your app from surveys to video pages. Deep linking helps in navigating user to the exact product or news via notifications.

– A/B testing: Every message counts and you need to be sure it is the most captivating message. Netmera offers A/B testing for optimising your message copies.

– Push Inbox: Sometimes you need to save your push messages such as coupons or offers. Push inbox offers a message box to keep your push notifications without development in your app.

– Message delivery speed: Push campaigns may get very popular and they can create huge traffic. Lucky you but you may want to deliver your message in small batches in order save your system from overload. Netmera offers precise control over the speed of message delivery along with the fastest delivery in industry allowing you to send millions of messages in couple of minutes.

– Message limits: Push message should not get spammy. You can set daily or weekly message limits for users so they never get many messages.

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