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Yemek Sepeti, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delivery Hero, is the first and the biggest online food ordering & delivery site in Turkey. Yemek Sepeti also has a mobile app which makes it simple for users to order food from nearby restaurants that deliver to their address. It also helps people who are searching restaurants and cuisines online to make a decision on where to order. Users can discover local restaurants, check menus, read reviews and be notified about promotions, discount coupons and campaigns. The mobile app gives users the flexibility to order whenever and wherever they want.

Yemek Sepeti strives to increase conversion rates in mobile application. We partnered with Yemek Sepeti to increase the engagement & loyalty of their users by driving higher conversion rates via Netmera’s highly targeted rich content push messages.

Yemek Sepeti already targets their users in online channels according to their registration status and date and the location match between users’ address and restaurant’s delivery zone. However, with their mobile app and Netmera, Yemek Sepeti will be able to fine tune and significantly sharpen their targeting by taking into account user’s context too.

For example, when a user is on her way home after work, Yemek Sepeti app can send a push message about the promotions of restaurants close to user’s place. That enables users to get their food without waiting and also to profit from the promotions offered by the restaurants. Another opportunity provided by mobiles is that you can reach users at the right time via push notifications. Yemek Sepeti will be able to send promotional notifications around the ideal time of each user by considering their usual food ordering times. All these scenarios will help Yemek Sepeti to reach every user by considering their real time context and this will significantly increase conversions.

Another integration, already in progress, will allow Yemek Sepeti to match restaurant promotions with the groups of users who are in the restaurants’ delivery zone in real time. This way, users will only get relevant promotions that they can actually enjoy immediately. The real time integration is made possible by Netmera’s powerful REST API & deep linking capability and involves a tight integration between Yemek Sepeti backend systems, mobile app and Netmera Platform.

Below you can find an example of rich media push notification Yemek Sepeti sent via Netmera.


Using a combination of the above techniques will lead to more active users, creating loyalty and retention.

We will keep you updated about the results and improvements Yemek Sepeti is getting through these campaigns. To learn more about how we can improve the engagement and conversion rates of your mobile app you can visit us at www.netmera.com or you can contact us to have a one to one consultation for a successful mobile app marketing strategy.


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