Location Based Campaigns/ Yemeksepeti-Delivery Hero Case


  • Provide convenient online food ordering system to users
  • Inform users about campaigns of nearby restaurants
  • Match the best campaigns to the correct customers

Yemek Sepeti-Delivery Hero app makes it simple for users to order food from nearby restaurants that deliver to their address. It also helps people who are searching restaurants and cuisines online before to make a decision on where to order. Users can discover local restaurants, check menus, read reviews and be notified about promotions, discount coupons and campaigns. It also gives  users the flexibility to order from wherever and whenever they want. Delivery to your home, office or campus, or wherever you may be.

Yemeksepeti strive to increase conversion rates in application. By using Netmera’s highly targeted rich content push messages, they can increase traffic, optimize app use and drive conversion. Yemek Sepeti targets their users according to;

– Registration status and date. An old customer is more likely to order via app than a new comer just checking without registering.

– Time interval of the user. Timing is crucial in food delivery so messages should be well timed according to individuals’ own routine.

– Location of restaurants. Food delivery is a local business, so each notification should only include restaurants that can actually deliver food to individual. On the other hand campaigns should facilitate user to try new meals or restaurants as well.

One of the parameters that is at least as effective as others is delivery addresses of the users. For example, when a user is on the way home, Yemek sepeti app can send a push message about the promotions of restaurants close to user’s home.  That enables users to get their food without waiting and also order discounted food for dinner. Using a combination of above approaches, Yemeksepeti can continually engage more users, create loyalty and build active customers. Below you can find an example of location based imaged push notification they sent via Netmera.


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