June Release Notes

More Personalized messages, support for different platforms, geo fencing for chain stores and other improvements

Frequent users of Netmera platform must have noticed by now the changes we applied to our control panel. We made our latest release on the 2nd of June and said “Hi!” to summer time with a list of ‘cool’ new features! Let’s have a look at these updates:

1. Personalization
2. Improved deep linking
3. Windows Phone SDK
4. Phone Gap SDK
5. Geo fencing for chain stores (or for multiple locations)
6. Adjust integration
7. Experience improvements


Netmera users have always been happy with our deep targeting features. When you are able to target deeply, next thing you desire is to personalize the message for each customer. It is always good to see your name in the message and feel that you get a special treatment. It is now possible to use your custom fields in your messages.

In order to use this feature, your developer should register the users with custom fields such as “name”, “surname”, “title”, etc. After that, just type the symbol “@” in your message and you will start seeing the fields which are available for use. If a user is not registered with a custom field, a default message will be shown.
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Deep Linking

Some of you are already using deep links and might ask “what is different now?” We made it even easier to use deep links. From now on, developers can create deep links and then set labels on them from our control panel. This will make things easier especially for marketers, because the links will be more recognizable with appropriate labels on them. Once you made the required changes in your app in order to use those features, you will be able to use it even with the customers who are still using the old version of your app.

Windows Phone SDK

Windows Phones are now becoming more common, so we updated our old Windows Phone SDK to support our commonly used features. It is now on Beta and it’s used by a restricted number of users only, however it will be out within a couple of days. If your need is urgent, you can reach us at info@netmera.com.

Phone Gap SDK

Many people were asking us for a cross platform SDK, and we prepared one for Phone Gap, as this is one of the most commonly used platforms. This SDK supports widely used features such as standart push, tagging and location tracking, but we will release other capabilities like rich push, interactive push and popups very soon, in the upcoming release. You can reach the SDK from this link: https://github.com/Netmera/netmera-phonegap-plugin

Geo Fence for chain stores (or for multiple locations)

You can now pre-define and group your geo-fences! With this capability, you can group different sized stores under different groups and use them later for targeting. No update is needed if you are already tracking the location.

Adjust integration

Many of our users were also using Adjust for attribution analytics, so we thought it would be great if you could use the data created by Adjust for Netmera targeting.

Experience improvements:

Even if these are minor changes, some of them will help you save time, such as “iOS certificate check and alert”, “filtering test messages in the campaigns tab” and other updates meant to improve security. We hope you will enjoy them!

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