Interaction based on your target audience, rather than everyone at once!

Don’t bore your customers with mass notifications. Sending product and content notifications that customers are not interested in can reduce brand loyalty. This has two consequences:

a) Customers turn off their notification permissions to avoid further annoyances, which closes off that digital avenue for marketing.

b) The more drastic consequence: the customer could outright delete your application, take their business elsewhere.

You can divide your existing and/or potential customer groups into smaller segments that are similar to each other, according to their demographic information, consumption habits, and behavior on your mobile application and website. Thus, you can adopt a different marketing strategy for each segment, identify your customers with the highest conversion rate according to the product or content, and reach them with personalized products or content offers. In a study conducted by Gleanster Research with digital marketers, 78% of marketers stated that customer segmentation is the future of marketing automation and that they cannot proceed and compete without this technology. Mobile application users want to receive customized messages that pertain to them. Sending content that is in line with the needs and preferences of your customers will create a positive impression of your brand and increases the conversion rate of these marketing notifications.

Benefit from Demographic Data!

Demographic segmentation is one of the most important ways for your brand to take the right step into a new and effective marketing strategy. Customers are divided into groups that can make similar choices with the help of parameters such as age, gender, education, marital status, and city of residence. An example of how useful this data is would be campaigns for products preferred only by women. Marketing these products to men is largely fruitless. You can create various customer audiences with customers’ demographic information and make personalized submissions for them with Netmera.

Analyze Your Customers’ Behaviors!

The data you will find most helpful as you divide your customers into audiences is the interactions customers make on your app. It would not be wrong to assume the correlation that customers who display similar behaviors will likely be interested similar products or services, as the behavioral data you receive is accurate and true.

Customers give you hints on how to communicate with them through the actions they take on your application or website. All you need to do is put these pieces of the puzzle together to create the right campaign for the right people. Thankfully, Netmera collects all this information for you, works in seconds, and then provides you with the right target audience criteria. You can reach customers exactly when you want and help them capitalize on your offers by creating automated campaigns that are triggered in line with the interactions of your customers. In fact, it is very easy to make predictions for the future with Netmera. For example: Netmera finds customers who are likely to leave the application within the next 7 days, those who are likely to purchase any product, or those who are closest to realizing a sales action you have determined and make sure they receive the most topical information using AI based predictive segments.

The possibilities of segmentation are not limited to just this, with the campaign you have created with Netmera, it is possible to find the right audience for a product or service you want to promote. The most accurate audience targeting with the help of various artificial intelligence algorithms is found with Netmera by examining similar user behaviors. Thus, the conversions from these campaigns increase in direct proportion.

Device Based Segmentation!

Analyzing behavior or using shared information isn’t the only way to divide your customers into specific audiences. You can create segments according to the device model, operating systems, application version and even their current operators with Netmera. For example, after a version update in your application, you can identify your users who have not yet switched to the new version, allowing you to send reminders to update their application.

Correct analysis increases customer satisfaction!

In order to begin segmentation, you need to analyze your customers accurately. Therefore, you can group yours customers in the most and least profitable way and plan the actions you will take accordingly. You can also customize your interactions by segmenting customers. By doing so, twofold you meet their needs and keep them in constant interaction with your brand.

According to a study by Jupiter Research, personalized content created through customer segments provides 18 times more revenue than normal campaign content. You can create segments by performing various analyses with Netmera.

For example:

• You can create an audience of your users who have used your application a while ago, but have not used it actively for a while, and send them special campaigns to return them to the application.

• You can encourage them to re-open their notification permissions with in-app messages so that they can be instantly informed about your campaigns by creating a segment of your users whose notifications permission is disabled.

•After a marketing campaign, you can segment audiences who have not yet received this campaign. Using Netmera’s analyzing tools and customer feedback data, you can optimize your campaigns to insure they are at their most effective.

• You can make special suggestions for users who perform an action a certain number of times within a specified time period and ensure that they receive meaningful notifications.

• You can divide customers into certain groups by analyzing the purchasing behavior of your customers. For example, you can make more specific product recommendations for your users who purchase more than a certain amount or create gift coupons for them.

The segments you have created in line with all these analyses will prevent customer loss due to pesky, irrelevant notifications. Your customers, who are aware of their needs and are aware of the opportunities available to them, will start using your application more efficiently, in turn increasing the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns. You can make the right choices for your customers and take your application to the next level in this digital journey, realized through the power of Netmera.