REST API Error Codes


You will see some code’s on the response while using our REST API. The meanings of those code’s are explained below.

1000 : Request sent successfully.
2000 : Internal server exception
2001 : It shows when IO Exception occurred.
2002 : When a required field is null then this code is shown.
2003 : When a required field is null or empty then this code is shown.
2004 : Invalid parameter exception.
2005 : Invalid URL exception.
2006 : Invalid Date format exception. This exception could occur when format of the date is invalid.
2007 : Invalid latitude exception. Latitude must be within the range of (-90.0, 90.0)
2008 : Invalid longitude exception. Longitude must be within the range (-180.0, 180.0)
2009 : Invalid json exception. When json is invalid or corrupted then this exception occurs.
2010 : When API Key is invalid or corrupted this exception occurs.
2100 : Push notification message cannot be empty.
2101 : Push notification message limit cannot exceed 180 characters
2102 : This code is shown when device is not registered.
2103 : This code is shown when required parameter is missing.
2105 : You should save an android api key before sending notification to Android devices. You can set API key from the settings page.
2106 : You should upload IOS certificate file before sending notification to IOS devices. This exception occurred when you have no certificate or certificate is invalid.
2107 : IOS certificates should end with .p12 extension. This code is shown while uploading different type of IOS certificate.
2108 : This code is shown when there is no notification with the given notificationID.
2109 : If IOS certificate password is invalid then this code is shown in the response.
2110 : You will see this code when there is a communication problem between the Netmera and Apple servers.