Real Time Campaign Analytics

In order for your business to make the right decisions, analyses to be submitted to management should not consist of old data. Netmera analytics provide real-time visuals on how your target audience reacts to your campaign. It allows to optimize your retargeting by dividing target audience into smaller audiences that are similar in behavior and profile.

Netmera campaign analytics give you a wide range of metrics such as;
• Which campaigns add more to ROI,
• Which campaigns has highest conversion rates,
• Which segments are responding better to your messages,
• The number of users who received your message as well as the number of views associated with the message,
• The actions taken by your users towards the application with messages,
• The number of Installs and Uninstalls,
• The actions taken by users who removed the application from their devices, separate from active users,
• The number of instant sessions and average duration of these sessions,
• The frequency that your users are on your application and the rate of retention of the application,
• Information on the specific device platform (iOS, Android or Windows),

and more.

These real-time detailed campaign analytics and reporting allow you to gain a deep insight into key performance parameters and understand how to make the best of your campaigns.

Mobile App Analytics

Measure and know how your app is performing in real time.

Analyze users in detail with all their actions, behavioral patterns and attributes in your app and organize campaigns with high conversion rates based on this analysis.

Analyze how many times they open your app, how long they use it in a session or day, and what do they do while using it. You can also see which users have not used your app for a while.

Furthermore, you can use Netmera’s mobile application analysis to discover how messages affect application performance and overall user interaction.

Netmera’s mobile application analysis can be used to discover how your messages have an effect on application performance and overall user interaction.

Revenue and Conversion Measurement

Every app and campaign has different conversion goals. Netmera is flexible enough to define your own conversion on campaign level. For m-commerce apps, conversion can be calculated at the product level.

Revenue generation is the ultimate aim of your campaigns. Netmera gives detailed analytics on how much revenue generated, what is average revenue per user, and which users or campaigns are garnering you the most revenue.