Effects of Mobile Marketing on Information Search Stage

The consumer decision-making process consists of five steps which are: need recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase and post-purchase behaviour. It’s important for marketers to deeply understand each of these stages in order to design their marketing mix properly and improve customers’ acquisition and retention.

This blog post analyses the Information Search stage in detail and explains how Mobile Marketing strategies can be effectively used at this particular step of the consumer’s decision making process.

After the consumer has developed a want or a need, the next thing he or she will do is starting an information search regarding different alternatives that he/she can purchase to satisfy his/her need. Information search can be done internally or externally. An internal information search relies on and utilize information from memory, such as past experiences with the product and/or service. An external information search is the process of utilizing information from outside environment.

The amount of time dedicated to the information search stage depends on several factors, such as the consumer’s past experience, perceived risk and the level of interest. External information search can be based on family & friends effect as well as on public resources. Another external information source is marketing-controlled sources, such as radio, TV ads, digital- mobile ads, etc.

Within these channels, thanks to the evolving mobile technology, mobile marketing became one of the most important tools for marketers to impact on information search stage. Mobile technology offers the convenience of accessing and sharing information. That’s why mobile marketing tools are very crucial to marketers.

Importance of Mobile Technology on Information Search Stage

Mobile services can allow access to all types of information regarding products and services, especially with the help of mobile internet. Within information search stage marketers may reach their target audience via various mobile marketing tools, such as mobile search ads, location based ads, mobile display ads, and etc…

Compared to other communication channels like radio, TV and print, mobile technology offers the advantage of making it very easy to access and share information. For this reason, mobile marketing tools are essential for marketers who are interested in making an impact on consumers’ information search stage.

Mobile marketing tools can be very effective if they are used in relevant mobile channels to target consumers who are searching for specific information and aiming to fulfill their needs. Using appropriate mobile marketing actions might result in a purchase.

Information Search Stage Use Cases and Actionable Insights for Marketers

In the information search stage marketers’ job is to appear in front of their customers at the right time and the right place.

At this stage:

1. Mobile search ads (such as click to locate ads, text ads, product listings ads, etc)
2. In-App Popups (popups triggered by users’ actions within an app, especially important for mobile app marketers)
3. Location Based Campaigns (campaigns for customers who are in a specific location)
4. Mobile display ads (especially using re-marketing technology by targeting people who are searching for specific types of products) can be used to impact consumers’ decisions at this stage.

For instance, when a consumer is searching for ‘men shoes’ within an app, the appearance of an in-app popup discount regarding men shoes at that precise moment may direct this consumer to purchase. You can find further information about In-App Pop-Ups here

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