Effects of Mobile Marketing on Alternative Evaluation Stage

The consumer decision-making process consists of five steps which are: need recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase and post-purchase behaviour. It’s important for marketers to deeply understand each of these stages in order to design their marketing mix properly and improve customers’ acquisition and retention.

This blog post analyses the Alternative Evaluation Stage in detail and explains how Mobile Marketing strategies can be effectively used at this particular step of the consumer’s decision making process.

After consumers have recognized a need, they conduct an information research and then create a final decision set called evoked set. At this point, in order to make a final decision, they evaluate the alternatives. While taking a final decision, consumers consider different features of the product or service, such as quality, price, location, etc.. Marketers should find out which attribute is most important to the consumer at this stage and build their marketing tactics accordingly.

Like at need recognition and information search stages, also at alternative evaluation stage mobile technology differs from other mediums. First of all, mobile devices and services enable consumers to evaluate alternatives even when they are at physical stores. Mobile devices and mobile services can help consumers enjoying the best of both physical and online worlds by combining the benefits of in-store and online shopping environments.

Importance of Mobile Technology for Alternative Evaluation Stage

Traditional physical shopping environments have limitations, such as the number of product alternatives available and the difficulty of comparing product alternatives. The online shopping environment has its own limitations too, such as the inability to touch, feel, or try products. Mobile Technology enables consumers to experience the best features of offline and online shopping environments at the same time.

To combine online and offline shopping experiences, many consumers have started to use smartphones in physical stores while they are shopping. That makes smartphones a very important medium for both online and offline marketers.

Therefore, mobile marketing tools can be very effective if they are used in relevant mobile channels in order to reach consumers who are evaluating alternatives. Using appropriate mobile marketing actions might result in a purchase.

Alternative Evaluation Stage Use Cases and Actionable Insights for Marketers

In alternative evaluation stage, a marketer’s job is to provide information about products and services better than his/her competitors, and reaching out his/her brands’ audience while they are evaluating alternatives.

At this stage:

1. Mobile search ads (in order to appear in the search results when a consumer is searching for specific products)
2. Location Based Campaigns (especially by using beacon technology, marketers may reach their customers when these are in the physical stores)
3. Mobile display ads (especially using re-marketing technology by targeting people who are searching specific type of products)
4. Mobile App Daily Bulletins (sending price discounts to consumers who already put a product in their baskets but didn’t proceed with the purchase) can be used to impact consumers’ decisions at this stage.

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