Windows Phone Guide

Supported platforms: Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight

External libraries: Newtonsoft.Json

Netmera SDK supports offline mode: if network is not available, then events will be stored in local cache and processed as soon as network is available.

All methods that return result (except simple ones) are asynchronous, so you will get Task<T> as a result.

1. Initial Setup

1.1- Create new Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1 project

windows phone

1.2- Add reference to Netmera.dll (for existing or new create project)
1.3- Add reference to Newtonsoft.Json using NuGet


1.4- Create new application using Microsoft live developer console

To setup push notifications you need to provide package security number (PSN) and client secret in Admin panel:
1. Create new application –
2. Open your Netmera account and open the Netmera application that you want to send push notifications. Open Settings page of your Netmera app. Provide required info to the windows phone section :


To start working with Netmera SDK you need to initialize it with API key and additional parameters in the app:

2. Initialization 

You should provide Netmera SDK Apikey (Not Rest Apikey) in the method below. You can find sdk apikey at overview page of your Netmera application. This method is synchronous.

"YourSdkApikey", new NetmeraInitializationParameters() { EnableDebugMode = true }, RootFrame);

In debug mode you will get logs in Output in Visual Studio.
You can later change debug mode:

NetmeraClient.ToggleDebugMode(bool enable) 

Also you can subscribe for log messages:

NetmeraLogger.OnLogMessage += NetmeraLogger_OnLogMessage;