Netmera Exception Reporter

Netmera has an exception reporting mechanism inside the SDK. With the help of this special feature, you will be able to track exceptions in your application and see the details in exception browser of Netmera website. However, Netmera iOS SDK has disabled the exception reporter mechanism and has not tracked any exception by default. To enable it, you should first add PLCrashReporter framework into your project (For more detail about PLCrashReporter, click here). Then you should make sure that you set YES for ExceptionReportingEnabled flag in NetmeraSettings.plist. After all these are done, you can benefit exception reporting mechanism at full power.

For unhandled exceptions and application crashes are catched automatically by SDK, and they will be reported to Netmera immediately when your application is launched at the first time after crashes. However, you should add a line of code to be able to see the handled exceptions reports if you want to tracked them. In a try-catch block, if there is any exception occurred in the try block, you should add the following line of code to your catch block to send the report about the exception to Netmera.

@try {
// Your try block that may cause the application to send exceptions.
@catch (NSException *exception) {
    [NMExceptionReporter sendExceptionReport:exception];