Netmera Event

The intuitiveness of Netmera makes it possible for you to track the behavioral patterns of your app users. Netmera does this by using its Event method class to automatically record the following events:

  • Application installation event

  • Application open events

  • Application close events

  • Events that shows a user’s time duration spent on the application

  • Push notification open events

  • Location change events, both on the foreground and background modes

Also, you can set custom events to track certain actions and events that occur on your application as suits your needs.

In order to accomplish this, the class method “sendEventWithKey:value:” of NetmeraEvent would be called when intended actions such as; Twitter/Facebook share or user sign up etc., occurs.

A Sample code block to show how Netmera event can be set is shown below:

[NMEvent sendEventWithKey:@”TwitterShareEvent” value:your_event_data];

Note: When using the code above, you have to set an NSDictionary instance, for value parameter.

If SDK cannot send events to server at that moment because of a problem such as internet connection loss, your events are cached in an event queue and when the device is finally connected to the internet, events in the queues are then automatically sent to the server.

 [NMEvent sendEventWithKey:@"Your Custom Event Name"
                   @"category" : @[ @"News", @"Sports", @"Economics" ],
                   @"id" : @"1234567"

As you can see in this example, “category” key contains multiple values “News”,”Sports” and “Economics”