iOS Guide

An Overview

Netmera is a cloud based Platform as a Service—PaaS—that provides iOS developers with an intuitive computing platform and iOS solution stacks optimized for mobile applications. On signing up to Netmera, you are provided a user account and the tools needed to develop/customize mobile apps for your diverse application ideas. Your Netmera account allows you to accommodate multiple apps simultaneously and with Netmera, you:

  • Are spared the need to write server codes

  • Do not need to maintain servers

  • Get a prepared SDK which needs minimal configurations and

  • Get Access to API data store

Finally, this is a detailed user guide drafted to help you understand Netmera’s tools and features, as well as integrate them into your mobile app development procedures.


To start with Netmera, you have to first download the iOS SDK files and configure them on your Xcode workspace. You can learn about that by clicking the “Need Help? Quickstart” button under the overview page of your application. When this is done, return back to this guide to complete your processes.


The next step is to initialize your application, using your specific API key. This initialization is done with the following code block (It is recommended that code block should be written in the delegate method “application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:”)

[Netmera setApiKey:@"your_apikey"];
Getting Installation Id

In order to get the installation id of the device,  you can use the following code block:

NSString *iid = [Netmera getInstallationId];
Set a Global Timeout Interval

You should also note that Netmera gives you the option to set a timeout interval on all requests for Netmera’s SDK. The default timeout is 60 seconds and this can be activated or changed to suit your needs by simply using the class method: setRequestGlobalTimeout: of Netmera. It can be done with the following code block

[Netmera setGlobalRequestTimeout:30];