Convenient Features of Netmara on Huawei Devices

Convenient Features of Netmara on Huawei Devices

As it is known, the new generation Huawei devices no longer have Google Play Services. We can say the launch date of the Huawei Mate 30 in this process. Within these services, many services such as “push notification, location, crash report, assistant, drive” that will affect the functions and capabilities of the applications will be out of use. Huawei has released a new service pack called ‘Huawei Mobile Services’ for the use of these services. Netmera released its new SDK version in January for the use of notification and location services included in this package.

Which services of Huawei can be used with Netmera?

Today, as a result of the increasing use of mobile applications, there are multi-channel communication ways for communication and interaction with users. Notifications are one of the most important communication methods according to the return, loyalty, and cost metrics of these channels. With the 3.7.0 SDK version released by Netmera, the way to send notifications to new generation Huawei devices has been opened. Actions that users give to notifications can be followed instantly. We have shared the benefits and features of Netmera in detail for you below.

  • Submissions of text
  • Image and button notification submissions
  • Notification submissions in special formats such as Carousel, Banner, Slider
  • Targeted notification sending according to users’ locations
  • Sending notification when users enter or exit a certain area (Geofence)
  • Automation notification sends triggered by Netmera system according to the actions taken by users in the application (Automated)
  • To send activity campaigns such as questionnaire, question/answer, promotion, advertisement to users while the application is in the foreground
  • Notification messages in different voices
  • Notification center that can be managed within the application (Push Inbox)
  • Application Tracking and Uninstall Tracking
  • Sending Silent notifications (Silent Push)
  • Real-time notification report (click rate, conversion, revenue, Events in Push Click Session)

Why should we use Netmera for next-generation Huawei devices?

One of the most important factors is that you can make fast and simple integration by following the Netmera Huawei Push Kit integration document without putting much effort into your IT teams. If you are publishing applications to both Google Play Store and Huawei AppGallery environments through a single APK, you can proceed with only one-time integration with Netmera’s 3.7.0 SDK. If you manage your application with variants as a test, prep, prod, you can benefit from different environment’s capability for test, prep, prod environments through a single connect-services.json file offered by Netmera. In this way, you can separate test and prod environments with a single application and make safer and faster tests.
If your priority in the communication channel is sending fast notifications, you can send notifications to 1 million users in 5 seconds with Netmera’s ‘Fast Push’ service.
With Netmera, you can make fragile submissions to Android devices only to Huawei devices or to all Android users in bulk.

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