Black Friday: This is a chance to turn this awaited day into a big opportunity!

Black Friday is the one of the days that shopping enthusiasts expect all year around, both in the world and in our country. In this period, where brands offer incredible discounts to their customers both on mobile applications, websites, and in their stores. It became more and more important, especially in terms of e-commerce. Unlike the USA, most of the people in other countries use mobile or online channels for shopping, because they work on Black Friday. Therefore, internet shopping in these countries is generally concentrated during the day and in the evening hours. According to data from the Global 2018 Black-Friday, the density of internet shopping in Turkey were observed to be in its peak hours is that between 10 pm and 00:00.

Again, according to the same survey results, when we look at the data for the year 2018, Black Friday shopping in Turkey; It was observed that 57.3% were made from mobile phones, 40.4% from computers, and the remaining 2.3% from tablets. Buying through smartphones stands out as a global trend observed in the UK, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, and many other countries.


In this period of high competition, you need to make sure that you have the right strategy to make your campaigns interesting and stand out from your competitors. So what do you need to do for your customers to prefer you instead of your competitors?

Avoid Fussing Your Customers!

Research shows that urgent messages have the opposite effect of what was intended on Black Friday. Contents like “Quickly before it’s too late!”, “Available for a limited time only …” or “Hurry …” no longer produce the desired results. This is because, on days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, everyone approaches the customer with a sense of urgency. Therefore, your message will not have a different effect on your customers and you will be lost among the countless brands competing for your customers’ attention. So how should you say it? Here are a few tips that will come in handy during Black Friday:

Make Your Loyal Customers Happy!

“25% discount is only for your special basket!”

“20% discount on special products that we think you might like!”

In this period, you should emphasize the relationships you establish with your customers even more. For example, address them by name in the notification, e-mail, or sms that you will send. Use this information that you get from them and ensure that your communications always have that personal touch. A message that you will send as “Dear ……, would you like to review our special offers and campaigns?” will always make them feel special. In your message’s content, highlight how valuable your customers for you and that you want to reward them for their loyalty. For example, you can define extra discounts for your customers who shop regularly, to show that you distinguish them from your other customers. You can send messages such as “Only for our loyal customers, 25% discount on all products is waiting for you”. With like these messages that make them feel special, you can make them prefer your company against your competitors.

Make Sure Your Submissions are Made at the Right Time!

During Black Friday, your customers will be flooded with messages on many applications. At this point, the most important thing you need to do is to determine the best time to interact with them. Thanks to Netmera’s analysis of customer actions, you can track what time of the day any action your customers take on your mobile application or website occurs more frequently. For example, by specifying the time intervals when the majority of your customers make their purchases, you can send them campaigns at these times. In this way, you can reach them at the right time and make them easily take the actions you want.

Get Your Customers in the Right Segment!

Make sure you make targeted submissions on special occasions like these, where even a single post you make is very valuable. The best way to do this is to create customer segments. Because when many discounts are offered together, such as Black Friday, it will be annoying for your customers to inform them of each campaign. That’s why you need to send the most relevant message to the right audiences. The best way to do this is to create segments with Netmera. You can create these segments according to the actions your customers have taken on your mobile application or website; It is possible to create these segments by using demographic features such as age, gender, city of residence. For example, the fact that your audience, which you will notify about a discount on cosmetic products, consists of only women might greatly increase the conversion you have achieved. Apart from the current actions and demographic features, Netmera examines similar user behavior and finds the right audience to send for you with the help of various artificial intelligence algorithms. In this way, you can increase your Black Friday sales by introducing your campaign products to a targeted audience created specifically for that product.

Benefit From the Power of Location-Based Notifications!

Online sales are not the only thing you can increase with the messages you send through your mobile application. It is also possible to attract your customers to your stores in this way. The only thing you need is Netmera’s Geofence feature! With the Geofences you have set up around your stores, you can inform your customers about special discounts for your store as soon as they approach those areas. A message like “You can come to our store nearby and benefit from special discounts today!” May direct your customers to take action. What you can do with Netmera is not limited to this! During this special day, when the competition is very strong, you can attract your customers to your own store with the Geofences you will set up in the stores of your competitors and make them prefer your company. In that way, you can take your success from online to the stores.

Enrich Your Content with Images and Emojis!

The vast majority of the audience awaits Black Friday, consists of Generation Y with high expectations. For that reason, the content that you have sent the only text and addressing them in an official language will not be enough to attract their attention. With Netmera, you can add emojis to your content and enrich them with visuals. Also, wouldn’t it be great to be able to promote multiple products in a single notification,  when they will receive dozens of notifications from many applications? With carousel push notifications, you can show information and images about multiple products to your customers in a single submission and direct them to the pages where they can easily purchase these products.

Considering all these tips, it is up to you to turn the Black Friday period into a great opportunity with Netmera!