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  1. […] many different criteria to help you deliver the message to the right recipients, based on their behaviours, profiles, response to previous campaigns and so on. Moreover, Netmera automatically collects […]

  2. […] ends our journey into Segmentation and Targeting. We went through Behavioural Segmentation, User Profiles Targeting and Retargeting and finally landed on User Tagging. Our goal was to build […]

  3. […] your next marketing campaigns, the bigger will be the engagement and retention of your app users. Behavioural segmentation and re-targeting are your best allies in this process, and Netmera platform makes it really easy […]

  4. […] types of targeting, based on the different criteria you can select to target your users. In a previous blog post, we talked about targeting users behaviours and re-targeting users according to their response to […]

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