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Interaction based on your target audience, rather than everyone at once!

Don’t bore your customers with mass notifications. Sending product and content notifications that customers are not interested in can reduce brand loyalty. This has two consequences: a) Customers turn off their notification permissions to avoid further annoyances, which closes off that digital avenue for marketing. b) The more drastic consequence: the customer could outright delete […]

Paths to Success in Email Marketing

Email is still an indispensable channel of communication today! Although mobile communication apps are growing in popularity every day, email remains a crucial part of marketing this day. Marketing over email is still one of the most popular, budget-friendly and effective methods of digital marketing, and has lasting power that doesn’t seem to be going […]

Text Push vs. Rich Push

Notification content for mobile marketing naturally has a big impact on customer interaction. A push notification should not contain only text in these days, it contain also media consisting of images, gifs and videos or buttons that allow interaction with the customer. The purpose is to enable the user to take action by interacting with […]

Customer Churn Prediction

Stop customers before they churn In this day and age, escalating market competition calls for a close and careful observation of the customer -who is the focal point of marketing- from within the scope of their consumption behavior and habits. At this point, considering today’s consumption habits in a situation where a company’s survival highly […]

Location Based Marketing

The fact that smartphones are now easily available to everyone has greatly increased the spread of internet use. Therefore, companies began turning to digital marketing rather than traditional marketing. Therefore, one of the methods we encountered as a result of the search for new strategies in the marketing world was location-based marketing. 79% of smartphone […]

The Pandemic and Digital Transformation

Starting from the beginning of 2020, Covid-19 was an epidemic (geographically limited) in China, Iran, and Italy, respectively. On the 11th of March, Covid-19 was declared to be a pandemic (global) by the World Health Organization (WHO). After the first case announced on March 10 in our country, it quickly brought all business and social […]

Convenient Features of Netmara on Huawei Devices

Convenient Features of Netmara on Huawei Devices As it is known, the new generation Huawei devices no longer have Google Play Services. We can say the launch date of the Huawei Mate 30 in this process. Within these services, many services such as “push notification, location, crash report, assistant, drive” that will affect the functions […]