Announcement: Netmera New Features

Yes you’ve heard us right! We have added new features to the existing awesome ones, based on the feedbacks and requests we receive from you periodically.

Let’s see what new Netmera features are and how you can use them. Spoiler alert: these features will have a bigger impact on improving customer engagement, and enhance your customers’ experience significantly.

1 – In-App Messages

In app messages are a great way to show specific campaigns in specific pages in your app without annoying your customers, because they look like a part of your application. They are also triggered by specific actions that users take within the app, like clicking on a product or opening the app. So, In App messages help users access targeted content that is responsive to their needs and behaviours, even if they have disabled push notifications.

You can create in-app messages with Netmera by following those steps;

When you click “Create New Campaign” from the dashboard, you will see In App Message on the Campaign Type menu. (Messages -> Campaigns -> Create New Campaign and select In-App Message on the Campaign Type menu)

From the dashboard, you can easily select on which category, you will show your message to your customers and insert your campaign message on the text field.

You can also create actions on click events such as opening a deeplink, showing a landing page or a web page etc.  Netmera allows you to be as creative as you want!

How does an in-app message appear on your app for your customers?

Example scenario: You can offer a special discount with an in-app message for a specific brand or a category in your e-commerce app.


As you can see on the screenshot above, the in-app message looks like it is a part of your mobile app. Thus, you can engage your customers with personalised messages, without giving them the feeling of receiving too many spam messages.  

2 – Full Screen Landing Page

There will be a new option for building a landing page, which enables you to set as a full screen in addition to the standard type.

From now on, you will also be able to show a full screen of html content to your users, call deeplinks, show a web page or close the landing page on its action.

Example scenario: Let’s say you want to provide better onboarding for your users who recently updated the application and to show the new features of the latest release. Using Netmera full screen landing page, you can show them a landing page and introduce your new features just after they open the app.

3 – Web SDK Update

We enriched our web SDK in order to send events with javascript from front-end. From now on, you will be able to collect the events of your users from multi-channels or you can link user’s mobile phone and web application with their userID and make cross-channel campaigns to them.

All you need to do is, integrating into our web SDK and fire the events at proper actions. The documentation is named as “Events” under “Web” section of the documentation page:

Example Scenario : Let’s say you want to send an automated push notification to your customers who added some items to their cart from your website or mobile app, but did not purchase (abandoned cart) for a specific period of time; something like: ‘Oops! You forgot an item in your shopping cart. But don’t worry we saved it for you!’

If you collect “AddToCart” and “Purchase Events” for both of your channels, you can easily set up an automated push notification.

Bonus: Usually the opening rate of abandoned cart messages are 12 % with a purchase rate of 18%. When you consider an ordinary Push Notification Campaign receives an open rate of 3,17% (depending on the sector), we can easily say that you already increased conversion and engagement (you are welcome!).

As Netmera we always aim to provide innovative solutions to drive engagement with many options, you can always find alternative marketing and monetising solutions in addition to constantly improved features. Now it is your turn to create various personalised scenarios to boost customer engagement!