3 Mobile Trends of the Holiday Season Every Retailer Should Benefit from

3 Mobile Trends of the Holiday Season Every Retailer Should Benefit from

Holiday season is one of the most crucial period of the year for retailers all over the world. Recent years’ online sales had a staggering impact during the holiday season. This year is no exception. Initial polls and news show that digital and mobile sales increased and significantly contributed to retailers’ revenues during the holiday period.

Before analysing 3 important trends of this year in detail, let’s look at some fresh data which confirm these trends:

– According to IMRG, Black Friday (28 November 2014) has overtaken Cyber Monday (1 December 2014) as a peak online shopping day for the first time for UK retailers.

– Actual visits to retail web sites on Black Friday reached an estimated number of 181 million, resulting in a staggering overall spending of £810 million.

– On Cyber Monday, actual visits to retail websites were estimated to have reached 160.8million, resulting in an estimated spending of £720 million.

– According to IBM, mobile is responsible for more than half of the online shopping traffic for the first time. IBM estimates mobile accounted for 22% of the online sales in US on Cyber Monday.

– However the figure is estimated to be higher for UK retailers. A report from Adobeshows highlighted that British people are the most mobile shoppers around the Globe.
It is clear that mobile is the driving force behind all holiday shopping. Its share in the total of sales is increasing steadily and now dominates the majority of the online shopping websites traffic. Behind the data we spotted 3 trends in 2014 that every retailer should benefit from during next year.

1) Mobile app sales

While share of mobile channel is increasing steadily, we see that more and more of mobile sales will be generated by apps. We have customers whose mobile app sales account for more than 30% of their whole online sales (including desktop and mobile devices). The key is that mobile app users are more loyal and their order/cart value is higher than that of other users. Also, mobile app users repeated sales become more likely by establishing a continuous interaction with these users via push notifications.

2) In store mobile usage

Smartphones are used during the whole shopping cycle many times. From initial product search to price comparison during purchase, consumers use their smartphones and tablets to get instant information and of course to buy. Increasingly, shoppers are relying on their smartphones while making in-store visits. A research from Google showed that 84% of smartphones shoppers use their device while shopping in a store, and one in three of them will use it to find the information they need rather than asking to an employee. Apps can be more helpful in that regard since they usually offer better user experience. Moreover, ibeacon and similar technologies make apps even more interactive with shoppers in real time. Apps are significantly improving in-store experience for customers.

3) Instant deals

The thirst for best deals is unquenchable. However, consumers respond better to customized deals offered when and where they need them. Understanding the behaviour and context of the customer is important in order to offer them relevant deals. There comes the big data in real time. And mobile is the best channel to present instant deals to shoppers while they are in the shopping mood either in your store or on their couch.

At Netmera, we work in very close contact with retailers to help them get the most out of new mobile trends. Our push notification services and new interactive push messages introduced in iOS8 & Android help retailers increase their mobile sales. For your websites, our tools are readily configured to solve main problems such as abandoned shopping carts. ibeacon tech and other omni-channel tools are available through Netmera to reach your users in physical stores. Our advanced segmentation and targeting tools, along with push notifications, can help you reach the right shopper at the right time and at the right place.

Just reach us if you want to benefit from next year mobile trends.

Happy holidays!


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