10 Mobile Marketing Tips to Succeed in E-Commerce

As technologies and devices change (and quite rapidly!), so do our marketing methods. You might already know that mobile is taking over the e-commerce industry. Recent studies show the power of Mobile. 2015 was the first year that mobile traffic exceeded the desktop users` numbers (USA-Comscore.com).  Even Google said it:  Google’s desktop search could be out of date compared to mobile results soon (2016).

You might already know this information but are you fully aware that these changes will impact every aspect of your marketing activities?  Do you have efficient mobile marketing solutions for your business? Do you know which section of marketing you should focus on?

Today, we have more data than ever, and with the help of growing technologies, we’re leveraging marketing activities to meet the top mobile marketing trends. Here are Netmera`s Mobile Marketing Tips and Solutions that you should focus on in order to make the most of your marketing budget and improve your mobile customer engagement:

  1.   Push Notifications

Push notifications can be an impetus for e-commerce customers to complete valuable actions. With recent developments push notifications are also available for web sites along with mobile applications.

With Netmera Push Notification solutions you can;

  •         Notify your customers about new product arrivals, updates and advantages
  •         Encourage actions that help you collect more info about your customers
  •         Remind users their abandoned carts or saved products
  •         Re-engage customers who haven’t made a purchase from your app or web site for a while

and so on.

If you think plain texts might not be enough for your customers, then you can also use Netmera Rich Push Notification which enables you to send images, maps and interactive forms to add some spice to your push notifications!

  1.   Interactive Push Messages

It’s one thing to speak to your audience. It’s another thing to see them engage at a deeper level. Interactive Push Messages provides you with more opportunities to connect your customers and possibilities to build more relevant and responsive experiences. With Netmera Interactive Push Messages, your customers can now respond to your messages and campaigns effortlessly. For example your customers can share your content, use the `remind me` option to schedule your message at a better time or place an order right away.

In addition to adding response buttons, you can measure your customers` actions, tag customers according to their responses and retarget customers for next actions.

  1.   In App Popups

In app popups help us to engage with our customers with targeted content that are responsive to their needs within the app. They are triggered by specific actions that customers take within the app, like clicking on a product or opening the app. A great thing about in app popups is that you can deliver your content even if your customers have disabled push notifications!

With Netmera In App Pop Ups you can:

  •         Send customers targeted content and enhance the user experience
  •         Notify users about product availabilities, latest news
  •         Show a series of tutorials to your first time customers
  •         Re-engage users by informing them about an action they have made (ex: free shipping notification a few minutes after they checked a certain product)
  •         Remind users to opt-in for push notifications for your app


  1.   Location Based Marketing

We are reaching a level of wireless penetration where nearly a third of the world’s population will own a smartphone in 2017 (Statista). Now we can track the customers through their phones. And thanks to social media which encourage users to geotag their posts, we have all this perfect data. So what do we do with it?

Enter- Location Based Marketing… Location based marketing is basically a set of mobile marketing strategies, like geofencing and beacon management, that uses customers’ location to reach them in a more relevant way.  Netmera  platform helps you create a wide range of mobile marketing campaigns to increase the engagement and retention of your mobile app users. Through Netmera Location Based Marketing , you can easily build mobile marketing campaigns that target specific locations with Location Targeting and Geofences which leads to higher conversion rates.

  1.   Beacons and Proximity Marketing

We know your dream is to be able to contact your customers individually, at the right place at the right time. Well, thanks to Netmera Beacons and Proximity Solutions, which trigger location-based notifications on customers` phones, you can engage customers by sending them inviting messages while they walk through your store; promotions, discount information, new arrivals etc. This use of Beacons can also help retailers attract users to their apps, retain those users, and increase engagement on those apps.

Another great thing about Beacon Marketing is, it enables tailoring your marketing to your customers which increases conversion rates and sales volume. You can make your customers feel special by analyzing their behaviours and using them for future personalized campaigns.

  1.   User Tagging and CRM Segmentation

Targeted marketing is crucial when you want to get attention from your audience who already suffocate from receiving irrelevant messages.  Tags are marketing labels that are applied to contact record and they are one of the most powerful segmentation tools.

Netmera`s User Tagging and CRM Segmentation Solution  segments your contacts into very specific lists so that you can send more targeted marketing messages to your customers. You can analyze customer behaviours, their preferences to build meaningful segments and effective campaigns.

One of the biggest advantages of the platform is that it can track the performance of your campaigns and enables you to improve your targeting strategies based on relevant users` segmentation criteria.

  1.   Mobile Marketing Automation

You may have heard of marketing automation before, but traditional marketing automation platforms don’t meet the needs of mobile technology. They are neither built to communicate through push messaging and wearable devices nor built to work in real-time, or to incorporate location.

Netmera Mobile Automated Campaigns help you to fulfill the demands of mobile marketing. They require marketers to set a goal and build a scenario in which user’s action or inaction automatically activates a message. And they improve the message effectiveness through personalization and good timing. For example: You can send win-back push notifications after your customers abandon their shopping carts or send “we miss you” notifications to your users who do not open your app for a certain period..

Mobile Automated Campaigns increase conversion because they respond to specific user behaviors or inactivity which enables you to personalize your communication with good timing.  And for this reason it’s also powerful resource to increase revenue.

  1.   Behavioural Segmentation

Having knowledge of your consumers’  behavioural patterns when making purchasing decisions, provides you a powerful insight and enables you to adapt your marketing approach to your customers.

We can reach this valuable information through Behavioural Segmentation. It divides your customers into groups based on their uses, responses, activities preferences and attitudes.  Most commonly the following are applied to behavioural segments:

  • Tendency or affinity towards a particular product or category as measured by past clicks, views or time spent on them
  • Loyalty of users as measured by frequency of usage, purchase and time spent
  • Customer value as measured by frequency and value of past purchases
  • Retention level as measured by recency of usage or purchase
  • Usage patterns as measured by particular actions performed by specific user groups
  • Purchasing patterns as measured by past purchases and timing

Through Netmera Behavioural Segmentation, you can improve the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaigns by targeting different user segments with different, more personalized, promotional messages. You will be able to make some interesting discoveries about your customers and implement some changes to your marketing activities.

  1.  Retargeting

Online studies show that only 2% of online users convert on their first visit. We won`t be wrong if we say retargeting lets you receive the remaining  98% potential customers back to your website and increase your conversion rate.

Retargeting is the process of re-selecting your customers for a new marketing activity based on the response they gave to a previous campaign. Retargeting allows you to build more personalized campaigns with the knowledge of your users` preferences and needs through their previous interactions with your marketing campaigns.

Netmera Retargeting Capability  allows you to generate greater online sales by keeping your brand in sight and converts “window shoppers” into buyers.  Every time your customer receives your retargeting notifications, your brand gains more recognition.

Clearly the marketers will find more ways to field new ideas in order to reach customers, create dialogues and forge relationships with them in many different solutions parallel with the evolving technology. Netmera will continue to offer you the latest trends and best result marketing solutions for you to be the pioneer of your e-commerce of business.

  1.   Campaigns Analytics

Even if you execute all the essential marketing campaigns, without measuring or analyzing them, you won’t be having any insights about;

  •         Which campaigns are the most effective for your customers,
  •         Content, copy and message effectiveness
  •         Conversion rates
  •         Open rates
  •         Total revenue and average revenue per user of the campaign
  •         Customer behavior
  •         Downloads and uninstalls
  •         Location and device information etc.

Netmera Campaign Analytics will assist you in analyzing the performance of your campaigns to plan more effective mobile marketing campaigns.  You will be aware of how many notifications are read, how often links are clicked, and how campaigns influence action.

One of the advantages of using Netmera Campaign Analytics is that you can both build and analyze by using the same platform: all the data are collected and are available in one place, ready to be used to the benefit of future campaigns.  This therefore increases the engagement and retention of your mobile app users.

Find out more about Netmera Solutions to boost your business!

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