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  1. Lilt
    Lilt says:

    I like your post, it is really well-written and enjoyable to read. But let’s get straight to the point. First, you advise to send the users messages, new and videos, but you do not warn that it can be treacherous. The biggest problem here is ad blocking. Look at this ad-blocking report – it grows non-stop and costs publishers a lot of money. You should specify what kind of ads to invest into. For example, native advertising is a huge trend, as I know – users do not even realize that they see ads because they are highly relevant.
    I like that you recommend an omnichannel approach. Application is the key element, becaue people spend much more time on apps than on web browsers, according to statistics. They provide many opportunities, as you can see here – more channels for sales, customer engagement, safety and so on. Just look at Starbucks – everyone talks about their app because it makes huge profits, isn’t it worth attention?

    • Netmera
      Netmera says:

      Hi Lilt! First of all thanks for your feedback. You raised a very good point. Mobile is definitely the present and the future, and mobile applications are playing a role more and more crucial day after day. Therefore the use of push notifications to engage mobile users in the latest news, discounts, offers and any relevant update is becoming vital for a retail or ecommerce business growth. But as you said, it’s important to pay attention to the way those messages are built and distributed. Personalization is the key: customers will appreciate receiving information targeted to their real preferences and needs. A good segmentation of your audience will enable you to send the right message to the right customer at the right time (for him), avoiding the risk to bother him or, on the other side, to lose his attention.


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