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“Netmera is the key provider for taking mobile marketing efforts to next level. As well as providing top notch strategy, they walk hand in hand on every step of the process; from seamless integration to interactive engagement. With precise segmentation, automated scenarios and clean reports, Netmera have been a significant partner in achieving the goals while diminishing the costs. Easy to use platform, 7/24 team accessibility and detailed message options success is not far away with Netmera, I recommend it to every app owner.”

Beril Mutlugüller – Morhipo CRM Manager

“As the leading flash sales site in Turkey we are glad to work with Netmera. Netmera as our partner brings enough industry experience for advanced mobile marketing services. A flexible, easier-to-use environment is provided for creating notification campaigns that engage mobile app users at the optimal time. Since working with Netmera we see significant increases in traffic and revenue through our mobile apps. Their product Netmera helps also to optimize mobile engagement by providing strategy and creative support which can be used 7/24.”

Hakkı Arıkan – Former Markafoni Group Marketing Manager

“With the establishment of n11.com we started to cooperate with Netmera. As one of the leading retail companies, by this time we had too many questions and asked for enrichment of the platform. The main reason for being able to keep a long-term relation with Netmera is their being very agile and flexible in responding our requests. We feed each other with ideas and quick responses, and they almost never returned with a negative answer so far. On the contrary, they always come up with suggestions which goes beyond our expectations. Also, with the upgrade of Netmera to Elevate, we managed to have detailed reporting service, new automated push notification scenarios with the support of multi segmentation options.”

Altıngül Arman – N11 Marketing & Partnership Supervisor 

Product Features

Location awareness is an integral feature of Netmera. From user targeting to triggering messages or analyzing engagement, location data can be used.

Netmera Elevate for Enterprises

Elevate is a premium Mobile Engagement Platform offering all features of Netmera. It comes with enterprise level business & technical services.

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