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Wriggle app

There is great food all around us…that we don’t know anything about, and there are amazing local places to sample great drinks and enjoy wonderful atmosphere… It’s a shame that we’re not always aware of them!

That’s why the Wriggle app came to light!

Wriggle is a mobile app and website marketplace helping customers discover and save money from Bristol restaurants and now Brighton restaurants and London restaurants (with more cities due to be launched in the coming months). Their mission? To spread the word about great local alternatives to chain restaurants and cafes and promote quality food and drinks at more affordable prices, in the process supporting smaller businesses in their growth.

With the Wriggle app, user engagement campaigns are a very important tool to accomplish their mission. Wriggle chose Netmera as their technology partner in order to achieve this goal.

Wriggle uses Netmera push notification services, especially location based campaigns, to grab users’ attention on great deals happening around them, in the nearest restaurants and cafes. Netmera offers a set of capabilities especially useful for Wriggle purposes, like geofencing, that is selecting geographic areas in order to send notifications about specific places to users approaching those locations, and advanced features for users segmentation and targeting based on customers’ past behaviour and preferences.

Data collected from Wriggle campaigns’ reports show there is a relevant increase in the number of direct app opens and extra app opens (app opens registered the day after the campaign) with Push Notifications. A recent campaign registered a +29.35% extra app opens versus the previous day and 152 direct app opens at the time push was sent. It’s interesting to note that these rates increased even more when the same campaign was replicated with a significantly smaller users’ segment than the one used in the first case: 112 direct app opens and 15.25% extra app opens the day after the campaign.

This data confirms the importance of push notifications to keep Wriggle users engaged in the app and show that the most effective campaigns are those based on deep segmentation and personalised targeting of smaller user groups. The more you know your users and deliver the right message to the right people, the better your engagement results!

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May 17, 2016 / Laura Cerone

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