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When I heard the statement “Things that are not shared within 24 hours time, are unlikely to be shared later” at the Webit 2013, I thought, “Yes, that’s true for social media, but I could share things via our blog anyway”. It was about to become a lie to myself, but today I have a little time before running to a meeting. Time is scarce nowadays and I need to spend it carefully.

Let me tell you a little about what we have done. The first big event was ‘Apps World Europe’ in London. The 22nd and 23rd of October were reserved for that event. We could sense from the announcements that it was becoming bigger this year, but we did not think it was going to be that big until we were actually there. I should thank the organization committee for running this show so smoothly, from the early preparation days till the end of the event.

We welcomed many guests in our stand, and tried to answer all the questions. However, it was very crowded, so an apology goes to all those we were not able to talk to during the event. Our CEO was a panelist in the m- Commerce panel, and he summarized the evolution of consumer buying experience from our point of view. We have been gathering a lot of comsumer insight as Netmera gets into many m-commerce apps, and it was a good thing to share and get feedbacks within those 30 minutes of time.

This year we saw that people built their apps, gained good download levels and now they are thinking about engagement. All those efforts should not be wasted, so they are working hard to develop a relationship with their users. Netmera is a great solution for this and the feedbacks are great!

Another important event was the Dev Fest which was a big GDG event. Developers are the brain of mobile apps and you better get close to them as much as possible. We held a Developers’ Lab, and we talked about the essentials of development. We did not expect such attention to Mongo or Solr sessions but our lab was full. We also received many questions about Netmera.

Keep in touch to hear more about what is coming next!

November 19, 2013 / Netmera

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