User Tagging and CRM Segmentation

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User Tagging

User Tagging is the process of assigning a specific label to a certain group of users in order to quickly identify and target them while building your marketing campaigns. User tagging is one of the pillars of personalization, therefore it’s crucial for mobile marketers to gain an insight into this process. In this blog post, we will explore how to achieve user tagging through Netmera platform.

User tagging with Netmera

Netmera is a mobile engagement and retention platform that helps you build and manage effective mobile marketing campaigns. One of the biggest advantages of the platform is that it allows you to track the performance of your campaigns and improve your targeting strategies based on relevant users segmentation criteria. In the following lines we will examine Netmera segmentation and targeting capabilities based on user tagging.

By selecting the Tags option from Netmera Targeting menu, we will have access to the section of the panel where all our tags are listed or, in case we haven’t created any tag yet, where we can easily start building our tags by uploading specific user groups.



By clicking on the Upload and Tag Users button we will have the chance to give a name to our tag and then upload a text file containing the list of users we want to be identified by the specific tag we are creating.


Let’s hit the Create Tag box and our tag is ready to be used. It’s just easy as that!

If we take a step back and return to the Targeting menu for a second, we can see how easily we can start using our tags in the segmentation and targeting process. From the Segments section of the Targeting menu, creating s new segment based on a specific tag is indeed a pretty straightforward path:




After naming our new segment, we can select the option By Tag and include in that segment all the users who have (or have not) a tag of our choice from the ones we previously created:



We can add as many tags as we like to a specific user segment, and also switch from the AND option to the OR option (to build the segment by including all the selected tags or at least a few of them)


In Netmera platform, targeting specific user groups identified via tags can be also achieved while building your mobile marketing campaigns, in the Who section of the Create New Campaign process


Learn all details about the Create New Campaign process with our Push Notifications guide.

Here ends our journey into Segmentation and Targeting. We went through Behavioural Segmentation, User Profiles Targeting and Retargeting to land on User Tagging. Our goal was to build a guide to mobile marketing personalization and how to reach it through Netmera platform. We hope you enjoyed the journey!

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October 24, 2016 / Laura Cerone

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