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Targeting User Profiles

2016 taught us that the key to a successful mobile marketing strategy is a deep personalization of the marketing campaigns that a business launches. Targeting is the process of selecting specific categories of your mobile users as recipients of your message, in order to make the message more relevant and effective. Since it’s based on a previous knowledge of your audience, targeting it’s the tool that makes personalization possible. Therefore, an accurate targeting strategy is what you need the most to make the best of your mobile marketing campaigns. There are different types of targeting, based on the different criteria you can select to target your users. In a previous blog post, we talked about targeting users behaviours and re-targeting users according to their response to previous campaigns. Today, we will focus on Targeting User Profiles. Basically, we will show you how to use specific profile data, like for example Gender, Name, Occupation, City and Language, to target your mobile users.

Targeting User Profiles  with Netmera

Netmera is a mobile marketing platform which helps you create a wide range of marketing campaigns and make the best of your mobile data. The platform allows you to personalize your messages in depth, through multiple targeting criteria. While creating your campaign, you can select the recipients of your message according to their LocationApp Version, Response to a previous campaign, User Profile and so on. Last parameter we mentioned, User Profiles, is the one we are going to analyse in the following lines.

In Netmera, you can easily select users according to their profiles from the People sub-section of the Targeting menu:


The People page will display all the selection criteria you can use to choose the recipients of your campaign. In this case, we will select the targeting option: By Profile


As shown by the following screenshot, the platform provides you with many profile categories:


Let’s say I want to target users located in a specific City, for example London. How do I do that? It’s simple: I select the option City from the Profile menu and then I tell the platform I want that City to be (Equals) London:


As you might have already guessed, I can even decide to target all users apart from those located in a specific City. Basically, I can exclude a certain City from my campaign by selecting the Not Equals option:


You can add as many Profile Attributes as you want:


Once you’ve selected all the User Profile Attributes that are relevant for your campaign, you can find the users that match those criteria:


and target them:


but before starting the targeting process you also have the chance to go back to the Profile Attributes selection and change the parameters you previously set:


When you click on the Target Users Found button, you have the chance to choose among three options: Create a Tag for the users (that you can use for your next campaigns), Export your user list to a file or Send a message to them by creating a new campaign.


The Create New Campaign button will lead you to the Campaign section of Netmera panel, the place for you to build your message in detail. We analysed the campaign section in depth in our Push Notifications guide, where you’ll learn all you need to know about building different types of marketing campaigns.

This is the end of our journey into User Profile Targeting. We hope you found this piece useful for your next marketing endeavours.

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October 13, 2016 / Laura Cerone

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