Understand your Users: it's time for Mobile Personalization

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With the mobile revolution and the rapid increase in the number of mobile apps available for download, this is the time for mobile personalization. But what is mobile personalization and why is it becoming more and more important?

Mobile Personalization: what?

Here is a definition of Personalization from a recent IMRG report (‘Personalisation. What does it mean – where is it going?’): ‘Personalisation in a general sense might be thought of as using what is known about individuals in order to provide them with highly relevant experiences that are tailored to their specific circumstances and preferences – getting the right products in front of the right people’.

Mobile personalization is the use of personalization principles into mobile apps in order to make sure app users get what they really need, when they need it.

Mobile Personalization: why?

When you think about building a business around a special idea which came to your mind, one of the first things you learn is that you won’t be able to grow if you don’t commit yourself to deeply know and understand your target audience.

Who are you building your business for? What are the needs, preferences and characteristics of your future users? You have to know the ‘persona’ you are willing to target, to make sure your product will be used.

But Personalization is the key to a business growth throughout the entire entrepreneurial journey, not just at the beginning of the process: both user acquisition and retention are strongly dependent on personalization.

Mobile personalization is the key to app users retention. With more and more mobile apps coming to light, the best way to keep users engaged in your app is by showing them that you’re adding a real value to their lives, that your mobile app gives them something useful and appealing according to their needs and preferences. Mobile Personalization will help your app being there for your users when they need it and make the difference among the thousands of apps available out there.

Mobile Personalization: how?

To be able to personalize your mobile app and provide different users with different but likewise positive mobile experiences, push notification messages based on data collection and analysis can be your best ally.

To start, you’ll have to decide what data you are going to focus on and collect. You have a few options, and you can use them all:

1) Ask users for their demographic details;

2) Analyze their behaviours while browsing the app;

3) Tag specific parameters like the type of device they are using, their geographic location, the time of the day they access the app and so on.

Then, use all the collected data to build personalized messages and reach your users in a tailored and meaningful way, which matches their searches and needs. The result will be an increase in the conversion rates, since users won’t feel bombarded by irrelevant information but enriched with great information related to their experience.

In conclusion, a deep understanding of your target audience will help you build relevant users segments you will then be able to engage through personalized messages and keep interested in your product. Here is the power of Mobile Personalization.

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April 28, 2016 / Laura Cerone

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