Transactional Push Notifications

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Transactional Push Notifications

In our previous articles of this technical series we extensively explored all the different types of Push Notifications you can use to engage and retain your mobile users. Just to mention a few of them, we talked about Interactive Push Notifications, Automated Push Notifications and In App popups. To give you some more context, here you can also find a general Guide to Push Notifications, which will help you gain a deeper insight into Push Notifications and their functioning. Today, we are going to focus on Transactional Push Notifications, a category of Push Notifications that highly differs, in its purpose, from the others, but that can be built using the layout of other push campaigns. Transactional Messages are the way for you to inform specific users about the latest status of their transactions, such as their subscription status, the details of their order or product shipment. These messages enable both the reporting of relevant information to specific customers and the chance to plan a retargeting campaign. Transactional Push Notifications are the best example of a tailored and personalised communication with your mobile users.

Transactional Push Notifications with Netmera

Netmera is a mobile engagement and retention platform that helps you build and manage mobile marketing campaigns to effectively engage your mobile users. Among the campaigns the platform supports, there are Transactional Push Notifications. In the following lines we will show you how to build these messages through Netmera platform.

From the Messages menu, that you can find on the left side of the panel, we can easily access the Transactional section:


This section will provide you a daily report of the performance (Click Rate) of your transactional messages, including an indication of how much you saved on SMS Cost by using Transactional Push Notifications (an aspect we will clarify later in this post). Moreover, this page is the starting point for you to Create a New Transactional Message:


To build a new Transactional Push, you will have to follow the same steps that are required for the other categories of Push Notifications, like choosing the campaign type and the devices you want to target:


plus some additional steps.

For all the details about the general Create New Campaign process, please have a look at our Push Notifications Guide. Regarding the additional steps, one of the major peculiarities of the Create a New Transactional Message process is the chance to set a Fallback SMS to make sure your users are going to receive your message:


As you can see from the above screenshot, for users whose mobile number is available you can select the option to send your transactional message via an sms in case of users who opted out of push notifications and/or for whom the notification delivery failed and/or who didn’t receive the push message during a certain time window.

You have the chance to set the Sms cost from the Settings menu, General section:



As explained by the picture, this cost will be used to calculate and show the Sms Cost Savings made possible by the use of transactional push notifications in lieu of sms. Compared to Sms, Push Notifications have the double advantage of a reduced cost and the chance to forward users to a specific page of interest via deep links


Transactional Push Notifications require an interaction with the API in order to be triggered. The Netmera platform provides mobile marketers with control over this process through specific Keywords (API code) they can use while building their Transactional Campaigns:


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October 31, 2016 / Laura Cerone

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