Retargeting: how to make the best of your past mobile campaigns

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Retargeting users based on their previous responses

So you are on a mission to engage your mobile app users and you started building and managing push notifications campaigns to promote your products or service. What now? Well, keep in mind that the way your users engaged with your previous campaigns is one of the best sources of information for what you should do next. Analysing how users interact with your marketing messages is a must for an accurate planning of your next mobile marketing initiatives. Retargeting is the process of selecting users as recipients for a new marketing message based on the response they gave to a previous campaign. Retargeting allows you to build more personalised and tailored campaigns thanks to what you learnt about your users preferences and needs through their previous interactions with your marketing messages.

How can you retarget your mobile users? In the next paragraph we will answer to this question by showing you Netmera retargeting capability.

Retargeting with Netmera

Netmera is a mobile marketing platform which helps you create a wide range of marketing campaigns and make the best of your mobile data. Helping customers personalize their marketing campaigns to make them more effective is the key goal of all Netmera capabilities. Netmera retargeting feature is a good example of this approach.

In Netmera, the retargeting process is accessible via two different paths. You can choose to create response based segments of your mobile users and engage them with another message, or you can retarget users while creating your mobile campaigns. Let’s have a look at both options.

Response based Segmentation

From the Segments option of Targeting menu


you can easily start creating a user segment based on their response to previous campaigns

Retargeting Segments

After creating your segment, a Create Message button will enable you to build your campaign and select the previously created segment for retargeting via the Who section of the panel


Retargeting while Creating a new Campaign

From the Campaigns option of the Messages menu you can initialise a new mobile marketing campaign


While creating your campaign through Netmera platform, the Who section of the panel allows you to easily select the recipients of your message



The platform provides a wide range of useful criteria to select the right users for the marketing campaign you’re building. Some of these criteria are shown in the following picture:


It’s at this stage that we can trigger the retargeting process, by selecting users according to their Response to previous campaigns:


Netmera enables you to easily choose among a set of possible responses:


and among the campaigns you previously created:


Retargeting in real time

In Netmera, retargeting can also be achieved while analyzing the results of your campaign. From the Campaigns section of the Reports menu, you can quickly access all your campaigns analytics


By clicking on the name of a specific campaign, not only will you find all the data about the results of your campaign, but you’ll also have the chance to start the retargeting process right away. The following screenshot shows you where to find the retargeting buttons, which will enable you to retarget users in real time based on their response, profile attributes, segments or device platforms.

Report retargeting

The more you will delve into your data while planning your next marketing campaigns, the bigger will be the engagement and retention of your app users. Behavioural segmentation and retargeting are your best allies in this process, and Netmera platform makes it really easy for you to face the challenge.

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