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Fanatik is the leading Sports Newspaper in Turkey and is owned by Dogan Group. Fanatik reaches 1,650,000 readers daily. Fanatik is the favourite and most read Sports Daily Newspaper in the region and has become even more popular after the launch of their app in the mobile channel. Fanatik is now available in all digital formats.

Fanatik app has constantly been in the top 5 apps in the Turkish App store since it was launched, and it’s been downloaded many millions of times. Fanatik chose Netmera as its preferred supplier of technology for mobile customer engagement/push messaging services in the earlier part of this year.

Using Netmera’s detailed segmentation and targeting capabilities, Fanatik has been able to deliver relevant content to customers at the right time and at the right place. To further engage app customers and drive up the number of active users, Fanatik will also make use of the advanced geo-fencing and personalisation services offered by Netmera.


Necil Ulgen, Chief Editor of Fanatik at Dogan Gazetecilik, said ‘initial results look very promising, our content is very time sensitive and Netmera allows us to provide what our customers want in a personalised and reliable manner


Today Fanatik is achieving great results with downloads per day (more than 5K) and active user rates – over 55%+ (daily) 75%+ (weekly).

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August 5, 2015 / Netmera

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