Puzzler Media: a mobile engagement use case

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Are you passionate about puzzles? Get ready to enter Puzzler world!

With over 45 years of puzzling expertise, Puzzler Media is the world’s largest puzzle content creator and the market leading puzzle publisher in the UK. They produce a wide range of puzzle magazines and books, card games, adult colouring books and mobile apps across a number of digital platforms and mobile devices, including console, interactive TV as well as online.

Puzzler’s mobile apps give users the chance to enjoy high quality puzzles wherever they are. You can choose among logic picture puzzles, crossword puzzles, jigsaw crosswords, wordsearch puzzles…the list is long and there is content to suit everybody’s fancy! 

With such a great content offer, mobile users engagement and re-engagement is Puzzler Media’s top priority. Their focus is on building an effective strategy to keep users engaged in their mobile apps and reward players across multiple platforms. In order to reach this goal, Puzzler Media chose Netmera mobile engagement platform as their technology partner.

By using Netmera mobile engagement solution, Puzzler will easily implement effective push campaigns for the following use case scenarios:

  1. To inform users every time new content is available within the app and encourage them to have a look and engage with new puzzles
  2. To announce updates to the game and ensure players receive the optimum game experience
  3. To reward players with additional games and hint coins.
  4. To cross promote the apps: users who initially showed a preference for a particular type of puzzles and therefore downloaded a specific app might be encouraged to discover and download more Puzzler’s apps to start enjoying different kinds of content

All these campaigns and even more can be easily built and managed through Netmera panel. Moreover, a deeper insight into users behaviours through Netmera advanced capabilities will enable Puzzler Media to better understand their users, create different users’ segments and build personalised and automated campaigns in order to meet users’ preferences and needs.

An effective engagement strategy relies on a cycle of observation, targeting and outcomes’ analysis which makes it possible to deliver the message in the most meaningful and tailored way. With their large users’ base, Puzzler Media knows the importance to deeply understand and value all of their customers. Netmera will support them in this journey!

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May 18, 2016 / Laura Cerone

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