• Segments & Targets

    Your business deserves a sophisticated and smart targeting plan. Netmera helps you gather and analyse in-app user behaviours, user preferences, geo-location data, and device information to create meaningful segments, tags, and auto-triggers.

    Designing personalised push notification segments ensures the right messages get to the right users, builds user loyalty, and creates more revenue. With Netmera, your messages and media rich content will be relevant in the moment.

What can you do with segments & targets?

In-app User behavior

Create dynamic segments (user groups) according to in-app behaviour data and target segments with customized campaigns. Track and analyse user behaviours to determine which notifications and campaigns are most effective with specific segments.


Tags indicate user prefernces, product interest, favourite items, purchasing history, and demographic information that can be used to segment and target your audience with specific messages. Using tags is easy and helps your push notifications hit their mark.


Location targeting is a powerful strategy to increase the relevance of a message. Use location information to send a message to users in a specific zone at a specific time, or create geo-fences to engage with your mobile app users when they are nearby.


With auto-triggers you can capture user attention with a push notification the instant they engage in a specific action. For example, if a user is looking at an item in the mobile app, automatically send a special offer linked to that item. Auto-triggers add real-time relevancy, increase engagement, and turn subtle behaviours into profits.

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