• Push Notifications

    In just over a decade, mobile phones have gone from a luxury item to an everyday essential, with smart phones dominating our communications. 80% of our phone use is now spent on mobile apps, so how can businesses deliver their message now that smart phones are overtaking TV as the main media customers interact with?

    Push notifications are a great answer to this question. Let us introduce you to Netmera’s Push Notification Services:

What can you do with push notifications?

Push Notification

Everyone’s familiar with social media notifications – a text, logo, and sometimes sound alert to bring our attention to the latest goings-on. This is a great way to engage users with your updates, too! You can link your messages to a specific page in your app to make your news as timely and relevant as possible.

Rich Push Notifictation

Want to send images, maps and interactive forms when a few lines of text just isn’t enough? Rich push notifications are the answer! You can add these to your campaign with ease, using your own HTML code or our push templates.

A/B Testing

With our A/B Testing facility, you can try out the effectiveness of your push campaign with up to three groups, then send the best out to everyone!

Push Scheduling

Busy at the time you want to start your campaign? Want to catch the peak time in your users’ time zone? Schedule your push campaign and let Netmera take care of it.

Push Inbox

Don’t let your rich push messages get lost in the everyday noise – use our Push Inbox so users can easily find your news and offers when they need them. Badge increment display for iOS is available with just one click, too!

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