• Interactive Push Notifications

    Many apps utilise push notifications as their number 1 communication channel now. Conversion rates are extremely high, and results are impressive. What if we say this engagement channel is now becoming two-way? Great, huh?

    Interactive push notifications will revolutionise mobile messaging. With interactive notifications, users can respond to you effortlessly, by just touching the buttons you sent within the notification, there is no need to open the APP.

    For Android platform, you can also add custom images to your messages, and make them more fun!

What can you do with interactive push notifications?

Response Buttons

Your app users can respond to your push notifications immediately! You can provide them with a call to action and ask them to opt-in, purchase or read something and get your response right away!

Interaction Analytics

How many people opt-in to the content or how many of them said “yes” to your push notification? You can analyse interaction as response button clicks are measured on Netmera.


You can tag your users according to their responses, and then retarget them for your following push campaigns. Conversion rates will dramatically increase when they choose to opt it for specific content.

Adding Image

For Android devices, it is now possible to add images in your push notifications. Images can be accompanied by response buttons, making your notifications even more engaging.

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