• In App Popups

    A mobile app that truly engages its users in meaningful content will be one that builds brand loyalty. Triggered by user actions within your app, in-app pop-ups help users access targeted content that is responsive to their needs and behaviours, even if they have disabled push notifications.

    Netmera’s custom-sized display areas fit a variety of notification types. Keen designs, purposeful messages, and deliberate trigger choices enrich content and make pop-ups an integrated part of app functionality.

What can you do with In App Popups?

Pop-up Targeting

Smart targeting with in-app pop-ups enhances the user experience and increases mobile engagement. Netmera’s Pop-Up Reports and Engagement Analytics help you establish meaningful triggers for the purposeful delivery of pop-up content.

Pop-up Reports

Decisions without data rely on intuition. While intuition can take us to new places, it doesn’t always lead where we want to go. Netmera’s reports show you the results of pop-up campaigns, allowing you to adjust or plan new pop-ups to meet your goals.

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